Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle Review

So Jacob’s birthday has come and gone, and we’ve had a good weekend to play and tinker with his big birthday present the Handy Manny Fix It Right Motorcycle.

I knew Jacob would absolutely love this toy, due to his reaction to the feature length cartoon ‘Handy Manny’s Motorcycle Adventure’. We have to watch this at least twice a day religiously! So when I saw this I knew it’d be a massive hit.

A the moment it’s not available in the UK, so I had to choose between ordering from Ebay or the US Disney Store direct. I choose to order through the Disney Store as I’d left it a little late and they offered priority shipping. However it would have been a lot cheaper to buy from Ebay, as it would have been shipped as a gift and I could have avoided customs charges.

Jacob’s face was a picture when he opened it up, “Manny Bike!” “Manny Bike!” he screeched excitedly. You can see from the picture that he is pleased as punch with his new toy.

The bike comes with a Felipe, Rusty and Manny figure all sporting a fetching motorcycle helmet, and Manny’s even got a leather bikers jacket complete with crossed spanners on the back.

You also get a petrol can, so you can re-enact the part in the cartoon where Manny runs out of petrol.

The Motorcycle has two different modes of play, there is a fix it mode and a build a chopper mode.

As with the other Manny build and fix toys you get a set of blueprints explaining what jobs need to be done. Obviously Jacob is too young to see the point of this, but my 4 year old immediately spotted that they were instructions and set about putting the parts on the bike.

In the Fix It Mode when you press the red button Manny and the tools set off, the engine roars and the headlamp lights up. On the second time of pressing you get the engine noise again. But on the third press the bike always brakes down. You hear the clattering of broken parts and then Manny says “uh-oh” and tells you what needs fixing.

His list of sayings is:

Oh No it sounds like we need to tune the engine

The shocks feel loose, let’s adjust the fork

Um maybe we should fix the tailpipe

Whoops that was a big bump, let’s adjust the Sidecar/Fork

Uh-oh we need gas, (and then again in spanish!)

Uh-oh I think we should replace the engine/Tailpipe

Um lets check the Sidecar

Oh-no let’s adjust the engine/Tailpipe/Sidecar

Um the bikes not driving straight, I think we should replace the fork

Let’s fix the engine

Uh-oh that sounds like a broken Tailpipe

There may be a few more but I think that’s most of them, as you can see Manny Say’s quite a lot of stuff.

The parts that you are able to adjust are the Sidecar, Tailpipe, Fork, Engine and wheel. You can also add gas into the gas tank.

Phillipe is used to fix the Sidecar, Engine and Fork. Rusty adjusts the Tailpipe and Wheel, although there is no electronic response from adjusting the wheel.

So it seems that Phillipe does most of the work, but I think that is intentional as it’s much easier for little hands to turn Phillipe than it is Rusty. My little boy has already mastered screwing with Phillipe, but I think Rusty the Wrench will take a little longer to get the hang of.

He may also just be two, but he already knows that you need to press the red button three times until the bike brakes down. He especially loves filling up with the little petrol can. There is a cubby hole in the sidecar to store the gas can, and he loves getting it out, hearing the filling up noise and putting it back in it’s place.

To be honest we have only been playing with the Fix It Mode and have left the pieces to complete the chopper in the drawer until Jacob is older. At the moment he is very happy with just fixing the bike, and doesn’t need the extra pieces. The build a chopper mode is essentially the same as fix it mode, however instead of Manny saying “lets fix the engine” he says “lets Switch out the Engine”.

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I think when he’s a bit older he will probably enjoy swapping between the different parts, but at the moment he’s fine with just the one bike.

The toy Handy Manny that comes with the bike is a good size, but is smaller than the Lets get to Work Manny to give you an idea of size. Also as he is smaller, I assume he will fit nicely into the Handy Manny transforming Truck I’ve bought Jacob for Christmas.

As you can see from the pictures Jacob absolutely loves this toy, and it’s been played with constantly since he had it. As it wasn’t available here it was obviously expensive to get, so I’d say if your little one wanted it more for the bike rather than Manny maybe go for something more like this Postman Pat SDS Motorbike. If however like Jacob they are Handy Manny Mad, you can’t go wrong with this!

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