Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure

This Saturday see the premiere of Handy Manny’s Motorcycle adventure at 09:25 on Playhouse Disney. Coming only 1 month after the U.S premiere, that’s not bad at all.

Jacob is still Handy Manny mad, so he’s already looking forward to it. It doesn’t help that Playhouse Disney show an advert for it every 20 minutes.

It’ll be good to see some new episodes because let’s face it, for anyone who has a Handy Manny fan they are getting slightly boring now (understatement of the year!). I know all the words to every episode off by heart now, sing along to all the little songs too. My sons think I’m crazy.

However it does throw up on problem, The Handy Manny Motorcycle toy!

Combining two of Jacobs most favourite things, Handy Manny and Motorbikes this is going to be a sure fire hit with him.

I’ve already got him the Let’s get to work Manny and Transforming Tool Truck for Christmas, so don’t want a total Manny overload. But it’s his birthday in December too, and he hasn’t got anything yet so I may well be tempted.

Have to see how the show goes down on Saturday first!

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