Happy New Year!

Welcome back toy fans! Trust we all had a good Christmas and New Year holiday, well to be honest mine could have been better. Everyone was ill all over Christmas time, we all seemed to be taking it in turns like some sort of illness relay team.

However it wasn’t all bad, even though they both weren’t 100% the boys both loved their Christmas presents. It was great watching them both open all of their gifts from under the tree on Christmas morning.

Both Thomas and Jacob had some most wanted toys which they sent off on a letter to Santa, and of course he delivered, but some of the best presents were the ones that we bought and that they knew nothing about and had never even seen before.

I’ve decided to write up a list of Christmas Highlights and Lowpoint to give you an insight into what our Christmas was really like, and also give idea of which toys I will be reviewing over the coming month.

Christmas Highlights:

The Massive Hasbro Star Wars At-At which Thomas knew nothing about but is absolutely amazing

Probably the Cheapest present of the day, a tub of Toy Story Army Men which has kept Jacob and Thomas entertained ever since

Lego Toy Story Woodys RoundUp was another present which took Jacob totally by surprise but he loved it. It was really easy and quick to put together too, which was a big bonus.

The Chuggington Interactive Railway Train Set – Really easy to put together and not only did the boys enjoy playing with Brewster and co, ┬áit also doubled as a pretty cool Mighty Beanz track as well.

The Snow! Amazing snow day on the last day of school for the kids

Christmas Low Points:

Harry Potter Book of Monsters – The Most pointless thing ever to an adult, but the one present that Thomas just had to have or Christmas would have been ruined, and it was his best present apparently.

Lego Battle of Endor – Ok so not really a low point as Thomas loved it, mostly because it comes with 12 minifigs. The only problem with buying a huge Lego set for a 5 year old is that they expect you to put it together right away, All 890 pieces.

Marvins Magic Box Of Tricks – This set is supposed to be for young magicians, well even me and my husband can’t work out how to do 3/4 of the tricks in the book. There are about 4 painfully simple ones that we did manage, and armed with these Thomas thinks he’s Paul Daniels, but to be honest I was disappointed with this.

Being ill over Christmas sucks big time

The Snow! Got a bit much in the end and meant no postman for 2 weeks, so we missed out on some Christmas Presents we’d ordered

So that’s Christmas over with for another year. I hope you all got what you wanted from Father Christmas :) Back to the grindstone now eh!

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