Harumika Bridal Set – Review

With excitement building towards the big day, you can’t seem to get away from the Royal Wedding at the moment. I’m quite excited, not because I’m a big Royalist or anything, but I just think it’ll be exciting to see a nice big wedding.

I’m not old enough to remember Charles and Di’s extravagance but my mum says I was watching even though I was only a few days old. I don’t even recall Fergie and Andrew’s that much, but I do remember watching Sophie and Prince Andrew’s and thinking she looked beautiful.

Anyway I am slowly working my way round to something, this gorgeous Harumika Bridal set I was sent to review. Currently available exclusively at Toys R Us until 30th June, this is the perfect set to give your little princess this Easter to get them all excited about Kate Middleton and Prince William’s big day.

Having two boys I don’t really get much chance to play with dolls and things, so I really went to town with this review and took full advantage of a child free Saturday to spend all day making my dream wedding and bridesmaid dresses. I even managed a few dresses for the guests too.

Harumika is suitable for ages 4 and above and is really so easy and fun to use, I had a blast with this set, it was so up my street. I’m the first to admit I’m not the most artistically talented of people, I can’t draw or sew or anything crafty like that, but with Harumika that’s not a problem at all as there is no cutting, sewing or glue required.

The magic is made possible thanks to the special Harumika mannequins which have a silicon strip in the back to keep the fabric in place. You push the excess fabric into the mannequin with your plastic styler, and as if by magic your dress starts to take shape straight away, it’s such a simple system.

One of my favourite things about the set is the fact that box folds out and creates a mirrored dressing room, so you can see your creations all the way around from all angles.

This wedding dress over here was my first ever Harumika attempt, and I was pretty damn pleased with myself when I’d finished. Over the day I must have made about 20 different wedding dresses, as the amount of fabrics you get is immense, but just like life imitating art the first one was my favourite.

I did the same thing when I bought my own wedding dress, went for miles around and tried on about 40 different dresses but went back to the first one I’d tried on 2 mins walk from my office..doh!

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So now with Kate’s dress sorted I decided to start on dressing the guests. The above are just a couple of designs I’ve come up with, but have realised that each one seems like a dress Kim and Kourtney Kardashian should be wearing. Who knows maybe they will turn out to be surprise wedding guests, or just gatecrash the reception. Whatever happens I think I should become their new official designer as my Harumika creations have Kardashian written all over them.

What did the boys make of this? Well being extremely masculine boys, seriously into army men, comic book heros and fighting I didn’t think Harumika dress making and fashion design would be something they’d be into at all. I was however wrong, as they both loved making their dresses and it’s a good job the set comes with 2 mannequins and stylers or we would have had a riot on our hands.

Here is a picture of Jacob adding some bling to his creation in the form of rhinestones and stickers. I think this was their favourite part, kids just love adding stickers and jewels to anything.

So overall Harumika gets a big thumbs up from everyone in the Toybuzz household, apart from maybe daddy who will probably freak when he sees his boys sitting at the kitchen table dress making!

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