Hot Deals on Hot Wheels!

Boys and their cars, eh? They just can’t get enough of them.

Helpfully Toys R Us have some great deals on Hot Wheels at the moment. Like a “buy one and get the 2nd half price” deal on the packs of 5 cars. That’s a bargain 10 cars for £7.50.

The newly advertised Hot Wheels Trick Tracks Jurassic Starter Set is also reduced by £5.00.

I was really surprised by that as I only saw it advertised for the first time this morning. My son just stopped in his tracks and said “that’s so cool!”.

There’s a big raptor that tries to gobble up your car, as you set off a chain reaction of stunts. It also comes with a special Hot Wheels car with the dinosaur on the side.

Have a look at the official site for the advert, it’ll get you really riled up ready to buy one!

Sorry - no matching products found.

The immensely popular Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Blaster is back in stock at the moment as well, with £5 off. I’ve been trying to get hold of one of these everywhere!

Sorry - no matching products found.

There’s loads of other great deals on Hot Wheels stuff, so check out the Toys R Us site and bag yourself a hot bargain.

Hot Wheels Beat that!

(I love that tag line)

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