Hot Wheels 10 in 1 Superset – Review

Hot Wheels are one of my youngest most played with toys. He can sit for hours it seems lining up his car collection and then racing them down his various ramps and tracks.

We’ve had the pleasure of testing a couple of great track sets from Hot Wheels over the years, but the Hot Wheels Super 10 in 1 Trackset  is by far and away the best we’ve ever reviewed or played with.

As the name suggests you get everything included in the box to not only create 1 awesome Hot Wheels track, but 10.

Theres over 21 feet of track, loops, curves, and two battery-powered booster areas. One Hot Wheels car is also included.

Instructions on how to build each track are included, but they do need some getting used to. It took me a while to get into the swing of putting track number 1 together, but once I got the hang of what the instructions were saying I was fine. It took me around 40 minutes to do the first track as I kept having to redo bits I’d got wrong. However the finished track was so worth it. Amazing fun!

The set was so big when assembled, I couldn’t even capture all of it in the one photograph.

The other 9 tracks were much quicker to build as I had the idea by then.

Once you’ve mastered all 10 tracks you can set about building Hot Wheels creations of your own. We haven’t got that far yet though, as the 10 are still giving us so much pleasure.

Track number 1 is the Toybuzz family favourite. Even our cat Harry loves it.

The big red box in the photo and video are the boosters. The batteries are not included for these, so you’ll need 4 size D batteries in all. These boosters are a set of continually rolling wheels which push your Hot Wheels car through and give it a boost to make it around the track.

The boosters help the car simply fly around the track, and it’s just great watching the car zipping around and around.

The included car obviously works amazingly on the track, but you can use your own Hot Wheels cars too depending on the shape. They need to be more streamlined ones, and not too heavy. We managed to get 3 cars zipping around at the same time, but more cars mean more chances of them coming off the track. The track vibrates as the cars go through the loops, so if you add more cars the track doesn’t have a chance to stabilise itself and the cars will come off. However that’s all part of the fun isn’t it.

The Hot Wheels 10 in 1 Super set is a definite winner.

If your son or daughter is a Hot Wheels fan than this set will go down a storm on Christmas Day. Plus the massive box it comes in will look great wrapped under the tree.

Suitable for Ages: 4+ RRP: £49.99 

Thanks to Mattel for sending us the 10 in 1 Superset for review

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