Hot Wheels Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster

We recently got sent some goodies from Mattel to review, including the new Hot Wheels Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster.

Jacob has been dying to try these cool little vehicles out ever since the advert starting running on TV. So boy was he happy when the postman brought these for him!

Hot Wheels Ballistiks are Hot Wheels cars like you’ve never seen before. The magic is that the ends both fold up, allowing the cars to roll in and form a ball.

The Ballistiks in ball form will pop back out into cars when the button release is pressed. You can do this by simply dropping it on the button, or by it being hit during play.

Using the Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster you can launch you Ballistiks at high-speed, and watch them open up on impact.

The Ballistiks cars do not pop open every time however. It depends on whether the button gets hit. However we did find the balls to pop open on over half the ballistiks we launched.

There are 24 different Ballistiks to collect. Each one with a different funky design. Jacob really loves the way the way the cars look, and spends lots of time just studying his Ballistiks, the paintwork and how they work and fold.

The Rapid Fire Blaster comes with one Balistiks car, but you can load up to 7 into the blaster if you have them. We were sent an additional one for the review, and Jacob is already saving up for some more so he can make real use of that rapid fire action.









Another feature of the Rapid Fire Blaster is the targeting LED light. You hold down the trigger as you launch, so your shoots can be fired with greater accuracy. It’s not the brightest of LED’s, and doesn’t shine incredibly far. But it’s a little extra fun that Jacob really loves.

The Ballistiks in general have been a big hit with Jacob. However with regards to the popping of the balls into cars, I don’t think it works quite as well as the advert would have you believe. They do definitely pop from balls into cars, but not every time. In our experience only on a hard impact.

My Jacob isn’t bothered by the fact they don’t pop into cars every single time as it makes it more of a game, wondering whether they are going to transform or not.

We’ve had a lot of fun with the Ballistiks Rapid Fire Blaster, and now have another collection in the making.

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