Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Blaster


Whilst shopping the other day when we bought the Kevin Levin lookalike Hot Wheels car, We also bought a new colourshifting Hot Wheels car for Jacob. I know he’s only 15 months old, but he loves playing with the garage with his brother already.

The new colour shifters range of cars, change colour when they come into contact with water. A bit like those Global Hypercolour t-shirts that were all the rage in the 90’s.

Little did I know that my small cash investment in a small toy car would lead to cries for a new plaything to use it with. 

When we got home Thomas happily watched as his car changed colour when placed under the running water of the tap, he was suitably impressed. That was until he saw the advert on Cartoon Network for the Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Blaster, he couldn’t hide his excitement. 

The Hot Wheels Colour Shifter Blaster has a spray water gun to enable you to spray wash your cars a different colour, and  two water tanks that you fill with cold and hot water for dipping the cars into. The playset also comes with one colour shifter car included to get you started. Once the cars have been adequately soaked they spring a lever and the cars rise onto a ramp and hurtle down a slope to the bottom.

A big reservation I have about this toy is the mess factor. The car is placed onto a small drip tray circle with a one sided perspex shield, when you use the spray gun. I’m not convinced that the tiny shield is enough to protect my surfaces from getting wet, so maybe it would be better used outside or on a wipeable mat.

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I can see how small boys would think this was really cool, and even to me the advert makes it look like fun.

Ive checked around online and a lot of retailers are showing it out of stock, so the adverts are obviously working. 

I think this would make a good present for the Easter holidays. Perfect for keeping my son entertained whilst at home and if the weather brightens up I can send him outside with it as well. If Thomas’ arm-twisting does work and I cave in and buy it for him i’ll post a review. Watch this space.

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