#Hungry2Happy Challenge – Quick Meatball Sub Recipe

Life has been a bit hard recently, My youngest has been ill, I’ve been in Hospital, everything has been go go go.

Getting meals into the kids quickly after school has always been tough, but with so much going on this last month it’s been doubly important.

With me being in hospital for a few days my husband had to prepare some really speedy meals so the kids could come home from school, get fed and then head down to see me within visiting hours.

Luckily I had signed up to the Britmums Happy to Hungry challenge, and had some of the new Richmond Mini Meatballs stowed away in the refrigerator.

Just before I got ill, We’d tried out the Richmond Mini Meatballs and the boys and I instantly loved them, and they were already a firm tea time favourite.  So when Daddy needed to make some quick meals I knew just what he needed to do. Get the Mini Meatballs out!

The packs contain 20 meatballs, and will keep for a few days open in the fridge. So that’s 4 portions of meatballs, and they are so quick to cook. Oven cook in 8 minutes, or you can be even speedier and spin them in the microwave – 1 minute and they’re done. I always pop mine in the micro as the boys can be a bit picky about crusty textures, so I was very happy with my extra quick 1 minute meatballs. I’m sure they are lovely oven cooked too, but I haven’t tried them that way as yet.

Most times we will serve them with some simple boiled pasta and a tomato sauce, but they also love my Meatball sub’s.

This is a not really a recipe at all, as it’s all no cook basically. However it’s tasty, filling, and can be on the table in less than 5 minutes. I’m honestly not this lazy in the kitchen all the time, but when time is the enemy – Meatball Sub’s are your friend.

All you need are some hot dog rolls, a pack of Richmond Mini Meatballs, some pasta sauce (in a microwaveable pack if your cheating like me) and whatever toppings you desire. The kids and I always have cheese on top, but hubby likes some spice so has Jalapeno relish on his as well.

Microwave meatballs for 1 minute whilst cutting into hot dog rolls, Microwave pasta sauce for 1 minute whilst grating some cheese, combine sauce and meatballs and then place into hot dogs rolls and top with cheese. Simples!


This post is an entry for BritMums’ Hungry to Happy Challenge sponsored by Richmond Mini Meatballs

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