I’m back and I have more toys!!!

Well I know it’s a tad belated but Happy New Year!

OK I know it’s February now but this is the first time I’ve been able to have a sit down and actually do some writing this year.

When I left you it was just before the madness of Christmas.

If you’ve read any of my previous posts you will have a small idea of how many presents Santa left underneath the tree on Christmas Eve (my son actually asked me “Mummy, did you and Daddy buy me anything for Christmas?!”).

The amount of shredded wrapping paper alone filled at least 4 black bags!I spent the whole of boxing day carefully ripping endless cardboard toy packaging boxes into tiny pieces in an attempt to fit them all into my dustbin. Which was very therapeutic after the stresses of Christmas Day…..for about 2 hours!, after which the growing blisters on my fingers prevented any feelings of serenity and just left searing pain.

To be honest Christmas, new year and the run up to our early January holiday were a complete nightmare. Everyone was ill over Christmas, Britain was covered in snow and the chances of us flying were looking highly unlikely, Florida was also freezing so even if we made it it would be freezing! Apart from the influx of  new toys which my boys loved, It was a disaster

However everything turned out all right in the end. Our flight got delayed due to the weather,but we managed to get moved to an earlier flight, so actually arrived earlier than expected. The worst of the Florida freeze was over and after two days of mild weather we had temperatures in the mid 70’s for the rest of the fortnight. The hotel was amazing (Hard Rock Hotel, Orlando). A great holiday was enjoyed by all.

We did however encounter one problem whilst in Florida, The amount of toys available for purchase!! My son being the biggest 4 year old Marvel fan ever was in his absolute element in the Marvel Super Hero Island at Universal, (Why couldn’t he just stick to Spider man or something, no Thomas loves them all).

Sorry - no matching products found.

To be honest the whole holiday was based around being able to take Thomas to meet his Marvel idols, forget Mickey Mouse we were there to see Spidey and friends! So you can’t blame him for being overwhelmed with the amount of new toys and figures on offer, The main problem with all this new stuff wasn’t going to be getting the stuff it would be getting it home.

We cunningly overcame the luggage space problem however with the help of the Super Hero Squad! Much more suitcase friendly than the bigger figures, the Super Hero Squad was a big success and Thomas now has a vast collection of the mini Marvels. We even managed to find some similar sized Star Wars figures whilst at Disney, you may ask whether it was wise to start up another mini collection. Well it was either that or purchase a giant sized Buzz Lightyear plush, which would definitely have been classified as over sized baggage.

The holiday was amazing and it was great to see boy’s so happy posing with all of their cartoon favourites. Jacob has also added a few new words to his vocabulary like Hot Dog, Roller Coaster and Captain America (which he says so cute).

So basically this is me saying sorry for not posting, and now I’m back fully refreshed(yeah right.. after 2 weeks in Florida!!) and raring to go.

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