I’m now officially a Cuber In Training

Today I’ve mostly been spinning around coloured boxes! Trying desperately to get my head around my brand new Rubik’s Cube

To conincide with the UK Rubik’s Cube championships from the 16th – 17th November, John Adams have set a few of us bloggers a challenge. To conquer the cube!

I’m taking part in the John Adams Rubik’s Cube Blogger training programme with @1ConsumerVoice, Tom from @DiaryOfTheDad, Wendy over at @savvywendy, and @MelTinkFerrari.

My ‘Cuber in training’ kit arrived this morning, with a 3×3 Cube with a how to solve guide,  2×2 cube and a mini Rubik’s Keyring cube.

There was also an ominous looking envelope containing our first challenge – To complete the cube in under 20 minutes.

We get three days to complete this challenge. Well I’m not sure about that to be honest, as I’m seriously struggling already.

Theres plenty of great video instructions on the Rubik’s Cube website to help, so I think I need to get watching .

However Maybe I just need to sleep on it and try afresh tomorrow. Wish me luck everyone!


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