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As comic book heroes go Batman is a perennial favorite, playing his part in childhood memories for decades. My toddler is definitely in the Marvel camp rather than DC Comics so prefers Hulk, Spider man and Iron man, however if you have a Batman fan in your household this could be the perfect toy for them.

Sometimes it can a struggle trying to find age appropriate toys for the comic book hero fan. Most toys I’ve found are more aimed at the 8 year old and over market , so the younger ones get left playing with the figures which are too small and fiddly for them to play with properly, and if they are anything like my toddler get frustrated. Thank goodness then for Imaginext who have come along with their DC Super Friends range. Aimed for children 3 – 8 finally the little ones get their hands on a kiddie style Batman just for them.

Although I don’t think this range is as toddler friendly as the now defunct Spider-man and Friends range of super hero toys, the DC Super Friends are just the right size for a 3 year old.  Not to small and slightly chunkier than the average action figure.

Their is a full range of heroes available in the collection from Batman, robin and the villainous Penguin and Joker, to Superman complete with his dog Krypto. There’s also Batman various vehicles like the Batmobile, Batwing and Batcopter. It seems that the full range of figures are coming to the UK slowly, and as they are in short supply stock levels are a bit patchy. You may also want to check Ebay if you find the figure you want desperately is out of stock, as there is always a good selection on there.

The Imaginext Batcave is a great looking toy, and any self respecting little boy would love to add this to their toy collection no doubt. It looks like the boys ideal version of a Barbie dolls house, with all the little rooms and cubby holes for their heroes to explore. It comes complete out of the box, so no fiddling on Christmas morning which is always a bonus. It also packs up nicely when play times over.

The pack includes a Batman and Robin figure and the Batcycle, although you don’t get a baddie as my son would say, which is disappointing. There are a couple of cool features with this product that I’ll show you now.

All the Gadgets and cool stuff works via a system of “interactive action command stands” or as I would call them mini turntables. Place a figure on top of one of the stands and move it slightly either left or right and an action will be performed. It’s a simple system that even smaller children will find easy to understand and carry out.

Placing one of the figures on the top turntable makes the hook either raise or lower.

The Turntable on the opposite side of the roof will Activate the Batlift. Travel from the roof of the Batcave, all the way through to Bottom. You are able to stop along the way as well.

This turntable will activate the revolving front door. Good for closing the entrance quickly, when the penguin and Joker come around to cause mischief.

This turntable controls the rather snazzy looking Walk Through Time Portal. This feature is sure to set your toddlers creative mind buzzing with story ideas.What will become of Batman if he steps through it?

Press the button to launch the grappling hook. Great for making a quick dash to the other side of the Batcave, or use as self defence when the villains turn up outside.

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As you can see the Imaginext Batcave is quite a toy! Even if your child isn’t mad about Batman I can see them having a ball with this playset, and obviously if they are a massive fan you definitely need to get this toy!!

3 thoughts on “Imaginext Batcave

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  • January 5, 2010 at 1:39 pm

    The imaginext toys are fab. So much sturdier than a lot of the tv programme brand items on the market that my boys crave for. My boys have been lost in their imagination for hours playing with both the Batman Cave and Space Shuttle and space toys. It’s really good to see them using their imagination rather than just acting out scenarios from episodes from tv. I would recommend imaginext to any parent. The only downside to the Batman stuff is that most of the characters are sold out and you have to get stuff from Canada or the USA, so I can be pretty expensive to source characters. Also, virtually impossible to get any baddies!

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