Imaginext BigFoot the Monster – Review

I’ll admit now that when I bought the Imaginext BigFoot the Monster for Jacob’s upcoming birthday it wasn’t because he’d been nagging me about him for ages or because he’d seen the tv ad and decided he wanted him, I bought him because I wanted him!

Don’t get me wrong I know Jacob is going to love him, but it was me that really really wanted to get this for him.

BigFoot isn’t exactly cute, but he is a character which little ones are gonna just immediately love. Coming in at just over 14″ tall he’s not exactly full Sasquatch size but he is big for a toy.

As the name suggests he does have big feet (which he sings a nifty little song about) and he also has big hands which he uses when he walks to propel himself along the ground. He also uses them to do handstands, exercises and to play with his favourite toy – the Red Ball.

Bigfoot is operated via remote control, and not just any remote control this one is moulded onto the shape of a Big Foot (geddit?). It’s also the most child friendly remote control I’ve ever seen.

Your toddler will be able to tell exactly what actions Bigfoot will perform when they press the buttons, there’s no reading required it’s all laid out in simple easy to understand pictures.

BigFoot has a huge variety of different moods and actions he can perform, and just like your unpredictable toddler he can flit from one to the other in record time. One minute he’s happily playing with his ball and then he’s having a full blown temper tantrum on the floor, arms and legs kicking and flailing around. I think the kids will identify with this aspect so much and have a great time making him happy one minute then angry the next.

As well as Angry and Happy he also does a good Sad and Frightened, he enjoys playing with his ball, exercising, singing and dancing, doing somersaults and handstands, eating leaves, and like everyone (especially men!) he loves a nice lay down and nap. As well as all of those actions I just mentioned he also has two different variations of all of them, so in fact he really has double the amount. For example if you press the angry button once BigFoot will have give a growl and start grring, but if you hold the button down he will fly into a full blown temper tantrum.

My favourite use of this is when BigFoot goes to sleep. If you hold the button down when he takes a nap he will start dreaming, you can then press all of the other buttons and he will incorporate them into his dream. Like when you press the play ball button and he sings the tune to “Lets all go to the ballgame” or press the scared button and he will have a nightmare.

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Included in the box you get the remote control, a big rechargeable battery with charger, his Red Ball and a plastic leaf for him to chew on.  The remote requires 2 AA batteries and the Big Rechargeable one which is included is for BigFoot. If your planning on giving this as a gift for your little ones I would suggest charging it beforehand as it takes 4 hours to charge. I managed to get it out of the box, charge it and get it back in quite easily.

The 4 hour charge will give you around 2 hours of continuous playtime, this may not seem like much but BigFoot is continually on for all of this time. Even when your not pressing buttons he stands there breathing and panting and then breaks out into all of his little actions sometimes without you pressing anything if you leave him long enough.

There is actually  one thing I don’t really like about BigFoot, the fact he’s not quiet in between button pushes. As soon as he’s finished a routine he will start doing some really heavy breathing, and it’s really disconcerting. I suppose it’s to make him more realistic, he’s a living breathing monster rather than just a toy but it actually creeps me out a bit. I’m sure I’ll get used to it but I wish there was a way to if not turn it off completely just tone it down a bit. Obviously being a birthday present I haven’t shown it to Jacob yet, but I do worry a bit that the breathing  will put him off a bit until he gets used to him

I’ll give this review an update when Jacob finally meets him and let you know how they both got on, Dec 4th is the big day.

If your looking for some more Videos of BigFoot in action check out my Youtube Channel ToybuzzUK, if you check under the Favorites tab you’ll find a BigFoot Cartoon to enjoy as well.  If you have an iPhone you can download your very own BigFoot App from the App Store, it has the cartoon and also an interactive Bigfoot for you to try out and a Maze game where you have to help BigFoot find his ball, and best thing of all it’s free!

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