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If my hubby was in charge of buying Thomas’ Christmas presents this year (rather than Santa obviously), he would definitely be receiving the Imaginext Space Shuttle and Moon Station!

Even though my son shows no interest in space travel or the toy, he would be getting it whether he liked it or not.

You see my hubby is obsessed with all that sci fi stuff, and loves space and the planets so this would be perfect for him. I can just see him now playing with this with Thomas. However Thomas has a list of must have toys for this year, and this is not on it, much to hubby’s disappointment.

The Imaginext range of toys from Fisher Price are brilliant for little ones in my opinion. Big, bold, sturdy, durable and most importantly FUN!

The Imaginext Space Shuttle is just an amazing creative play toy for a little boy who loves space. I can see junior Dr Who fans having a field day playing with this set too.

The Space Shuttle comes with the tower, shuttle, a moon vehicle, Two astronaut figures and a little green alien.

Just like the Imaginext Batcave toy I previously reviewed, the shuttle has lots of cool added features that make this a toy extra special.

Here are all the special features in detail:

Turn figure to activate solar panels and lights

Press for Countdown and launch sounds

Turn figure to activate shuttle stairs

Turn figure to activate shuttle stairs

Turn figure to rotate crane

Turn figure to rotate crane

Lift the elevator up and down

Use Side Handles to simulate lift off and flying

The perfect accompaniment to the Imaginext Space Shuttle is the Imaginext Moon Station. Once your shuttle has landed safely down onto the Moon base, your astronauts can have fun going out on a space walk or even face an alien attack.

Theres a working rocket launcher, with which to fire projectiles at incoming enemy ships.

Also a space module unit which the astronauts fit inside, ready for exploring the lunar surface.

Clip the astronaut onto the space walk line, and when you turn the dial the figure floats around just like he’s really in space.

My favourite part of this set though is the green alien, which can even cling to your astronaut’s face just like in Alien!

Alien Attack!

Alien Attack!

Fire projectiles using the launcher

Fire projectiles using the launcher

Try out a space walk

Try out a space walk

In addition to the Shuttle and moon base, there are also some other great accessories to add to your Imaginext Space collection. As both of the aliens included in the sets are quite small, it’s a great idea that they have added some big scary aliens to the product line.

I also love the range of extra space vehicles that you can get too.

As you can see the Imaginext Space range is pretty extensive, and all together will create a massive immersive imaginative play world for your little Astronut!!

And if that isn’t enough there is also a cartoon series which accompanies the Imaginext products, and the best thing about it is it’s free! You can watch all the episodes on Youtube or on Fisher Prices US site.

However I suggest you don’t let the kids watch the episodes until you have the toy’s or are prepared to buy them, as they will definitely want them all after seeing these.

One thought on “Imaginext Space Toys

  • January 20, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    Hi wondered if you can help with a question about the imaginext space rocket. Your review mentions a vehicle that fits insider the rocket doors but my son got the toy for christmas and there wasn’t a vehicle. I’ve been looking on the internet this evening to see if there was something additional to purchase as it looked to have indents for vehicle wheels so I was suprised to find it was meant to be included? Thought it might be the moon buggy I needed?
    Many thanks for any help you can be.

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