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If you remember my review of the Imaginext Batcave and Space Shuttle from just before Christmas, you’ll know how highly I think of Imaginext toys.

So it’s with great anticipation that I await my delivery of the new Toy Story Imaginext toys. I’ve decided to order them for my boys as were all massive Pixar nuts as well as Imaginext fans. I’ve gone for the Toy Story 3 Imaginext playset,  Toy Story 3 Imaginext Garbage Truck and the Imaginext Walking Rex.

Ok maybe i’ve gone a bit overboard but Toys R Us are running a promotion of a free Toy Story Tent Rocket if you spend over £75, so it was rude not to partake of some Toy Story madness.

Obviously the centre piece product is the Toy Story 3 Imaginext Playset or sometimes named Toy Story 3 Tr-County Landfill. Based on the scene in Toy Story 3 where they all end up in the rubbish dump, and have to negotiate the conveyor belt, shredders and incinerator of the landfill site. This great Imaginext set captutres all the main elements of the movie scene, and makes it into another great toy for the kids.

Theres the real working battery powered conveyour belt which carries the Junk or unfortunate toys to the furnace

Place a figure on the Turntable and twist to open the firey furnace

Turn a figure on the turntable to spin round the junk sorter

Rescue your friends from the furnace with the grabbing crane, and drop them off to safety.

The set comes with Lotso bear, Buzz Lightyear, and 3 little green alien figures.

Unfortunately no Woody with the Playset, and this is primarily why I bought the Garbage truck too as that comes with a Woody figure (and also another alien). It also obviously coordinates well with the Landfill set too.

With the garbage truck you can drop a figure into the orange hole on the top of the truck, and when you turn the handle it will come out the back.

Can’t wait for my mega bundle of Toy Story 3 things to arrive! And I can’t even console myself by popping off to the cinema and watching it. I’ll just have to get the DVD box set out again.

Popcorn anyone?

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