InnoTab2 – Review

The InnoTab2 from Vtech is the second iteration of last years best-selling InnoTab.

Initially I was surprised that Vtech brought out an update to the InnoTab so quickly, but after playing around with the InnoTab2 for a while I can appreciate the changes Vtech have made for the better.

The InnoTab2 is Vtechs take on a children’s version of their parents Tablet. It has a 5mp camera/Video recorder, Touch screen and g-sensor, plus kid friendly versions of mum and dad apps Notes, Calendar and Contacts which now becomes friends.

Differences Between InnoTab and InnoTab2

The first main difference between the two models is the size. Although both boast a 5inch screen, the InnoTab 2 has a smaller outer casing surrounding the screen, and is also lighter than the original. For my youngest the size and shape are just right. He can still hold it securely, but the lightness make it easier for him to use and move around.

The next innovation is the new rotating camera, like the one on the Kiddizoom Twist. One swivel of the camera and you can go from taking photos of your friends to a self-portrait in an instant. I was surprised how much Jacob enjoyed this feature, he’s been taking photo after photo for his profile page, trying to get his best side.

There is also a button to go directly to the camera app now, which whilst handy doesn’t really save that much time. Although you can get to the camera without signing in, if you’ve just turned the InnoTab on.

The Camera and Video Recorder are 1.3mp, which doesn’t sound like much but actually looks surprisingly good. Well on the InnoTab screen anyway. I haven’t downloaded any onto my computer yet.

Jacob and his brother love making videos, so the InnoTab2’s recording capabilities have been well-tested. They both loved using it and set about filming the ABNN (Angry Birds News Network) with no help from me. Although 1.3mp dosn’t sound great, it’s enough for the kids. They are used to filming on the Kiddizoom Video which although it has a 2MP camera, I think (and they agree) that the InnoTab2 looks better.

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Included pre-loaded on the InnoTab2 are:

  • An E-Reader – Doesn’t come with any books though. You’ll need to download these from the Learning Lodge
  • Games – Comes with one preloaded game, all others need to be downloaded from the Learning Lodge or purchase the cartridge
  • Art Studio – Colouring program with effects and stickers to use (You need to register your InnoTab2 to use this)
  • Notes – Cute little App that looks and works just like Notes on your iPhone or Android
  • Photos – View the Photos you’ve taken or uploaded
  • Videos – View your videos you’ve filmed or uploaded. Plus you can download premium videos like Octonauts and Peppa Pig from the Learning Lodge
  • Music – MP3 player where you can listen to your own music or download some from the Learning Lodge
  • Calculator – Kid friendly calc which whilst practical is also fun to look at and use
  • Clock – Tells the time, and also has a stopwatch feature
  • Calendar – Cute kiddie calendar which is pictured above. You can drag the picture icons onto important dates, and write up future event details.
  • Read, Play & Create cartridge – This comes with every InnoTab2 and has a colouring book application, interactive e-book, and an augmented reality alien game which is a lot like face raiders, it’s very fun.

Vtech Learning Lodge Navigator

The Learning Lodge Navigator is Vtech’s Hub from which you can register your devices, follow your childs progress through the games and apps, plus download games, music and videos.

Just for registering your InnoTab 2 you get 5 free downloads from the store, although these are only from Vtechs own apps, not the premium videos and Ebooks.

With our free downloads we choose Shopping Spree (an old favourite from the Mobigo) Chameleon Escape, Globe, Letter Pooch (a handwriting game) and colouring book.

My suggestion is to not waste your free download on colouring book as it is a not so good version of the colouring book you get on the cartridge with your InnoTab2.

I’ve always found the Learning Lodge Navigator easy to use, and with most apps costing around £2.99 it’s good value for money in my opinion.

If for some reason you delete an app by mistake it’s quick and simple to re-download to your InnoTab2.

Cartridge Games

As always with Vtech there is a wide array of games available with all the licensed characters that your little ones will be looking for. Even though the InnoTab2 has only just been released all the original InnoTab cartridges are compatible, and there are new games being released all the time. Hello Kitty, Scooby Doo, Disney Princess, Cars, SpongeBob are just some of the characters available on InnoTab software.

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 Great for the young ones

In short I think the InnoTab2 is a great for younger children. I’d say best for 4-7 year old is perfect. Any older and I think you would be better off with a proper child friendly tablet like a Kurio, but with all the MP3, Video player, camera and game capabilities, the InnoTab2 will certainly be popular and well-loved until the time comes for that.





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