Iron Man 2 – Rocket Boost Iron Man

Everyone in the Toybuzz household absolutely loves anything Marvel, even me mum.

Since Thomas introduced us to the Marvel Universe through his love of Spider Man, we have just soaked up anything Marvel we can find. Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Fantastic Four we love them all.

Even Jacob our 2 year old had a baby Hulk for Christmas, and his favourite toy is his brothers beloved Hawkeye from his Super Hero Squad collection which he tries to steal at every opportunity.

We even went on holiday to Marvel Super Hero Island! I mean what 4 year old goes to Florida and wants to only go to Islands of Adventure every day for 2 weeks.

So as you can imagine were all pretty excited about the new Iron Man 2 film which is approaching release at a rapid rate.

Iron Man was a great film which me and my hubby thoroughly enjoyed, so were eager to watch the next installment. Obviously the two little uns won’t be able to watch the film, they will however be able to revel in the plethora of new movie merchandise.

Now last year I got a bit heat up about the toy Wolverine claws, from the Wolverine X Men origins film, because in my eyes they were unsafe and not suitable. OK I know the film was a 12A and 4 year olds wouldn’t have seen it, but they showed the advert continuously on cartoon channels my son did watch. So I’m really glad that this time along with the various suits, helmets and other toys, there is a Iron Man toy primarily aimed at younger Marvel fans from 3 years and up.

The Rocket Boost Iron Man is styled like the Super Hero Squad version of Iron Man, rather than the movie one. Even though he’s obviously one bad ass super hero, he can’t help looking cute.

Even though he is marketed as a toy of the film, he’s definitely more of  a super hero squad figure. When have you ever heard Iron Man say “Hero Up” or “Lets go squad” apart from in Super Hero Squad.

I also like that although Iron Man obviously still has his rocket boosters, there are no firing projectiles with this toy. They just cause trouble and get lost, so I’m glad that they left the out the ability to actually fire things. Just looking like he can is exciting enough.

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The Rocket Boost Iron Man is one of the largest Figures ever released, standing at 10 1/2 inchs. He’s also really sturdy and stands up easily, which is a big plus from my son. His toys not standing properly is a big bug bear of his, and he just gets in an angry mood when they keep falling over. So this big bulky Iron Man is perfect for little hands (and tempers).

As I mentioned this kid friendly Iron Man will talk and light up when you press his chest light button. When it’s time to pull out the big guns you can press down onto a button on his foot to deploy his wings. The wings span an impressive 11 inchs, and you also get jet rocket sounds too.

Have a look at this small video demo I found, it certainly whetted my sons appetite for the Rocket Boost Iron Man.

We all seriously cannot wait to welcome him to and the other Iron Man toys into our household! I’ll post a full review when we manage to get our hands on him.

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