Is this the ultimate Transformers toy!

As soon as I saw a picture of this toy I just thought how can I stop my son (and husband) from seeing it.

The Construction Devestator is part of the new range of toys due to be released to tie in with this years predicted big summer blockbuster Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. So confident that the movie will be a sure-fire hit the release date for Transformer 3 has already been announced  (4 July 2011, my birthday!).

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The Construction Devastator will be the biggest and most powerful of all the enemies the Autobots will meet in the movie. Made up of different construction vehicles known as Constructicons it looks set to be the toy that ever boy wants this summer, and conssidering it will set you back around £100 I suspect most boys will still be wanting it until the January sales.

There’s a whole host of new Transformers toys to look forward to this summer not just the Construction Devastator.  The Bumblebee Voice Mixer Helmet lets kids young and old mix there own voice with music and “tune-in radio phrases” just like Bumblebee.

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Also from my son Thomas’ favourite Autobot Bumblebee is the Bumblebee plasma cannon. This is an arm blaster which converts from Bumblebee’s robot arm into his plasma cannon, and features lights and sounds and the all important Transformers trademark sound effects which all boys love making.

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Looks set to be a bumper time for Transformer toy fans so better make some room in the toybox.

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