Junior Heroes

Well it’s hats off to Character here as they seem to have read my mind and made exactly what I was thinking of without me even asking nicely, cosmic link or what!

Character’s HM Armed Forces range may have been one of the biggest hit’s last year along with their Go Go pets(now Zhu Zhu), but I was never really totally sold on the idea.

Don’t get me wrong I thought it was a great idea to support our troops like that, and I’m sure the moral boost alone was a great help. I’m also not saying that they were a bad range of toys, and I’m sure many young boys get a lot of pleasure from them. I just wasn’t sure that I really liked the thought of kids playing proper war games, with realistic tanks and guns. Especially with names like Commando Sniper, Mortarman and Desert raiding party.

I know that my son is always play fighting with his Spider man, chasing baddies like Venom and Shocker but it’s different to actually playing war. My son’s also have toy guns which they run around shooting each other with, but they aren’t at all realistic and make electronic zapping sounds which make them laugh more than anything.

So that’s why I’m so pleased that Character have released this new set of Junior Heroes. Together with friends Larry the Landing Craft, Freddy the fast jet, Sammie the Submarine, and Harry the Helicopter my sons can have fun supporting our forces and I will now fully approve.

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Suitable from birth, these friendly fun vehicles all say various forces related phrases. They even have a Authoritative Army sounding voice, as you can hear in the advert below. They all have wheels too, so you can enjoy pushing them around the floor.

I know that these rolling vehicles aren’t quite the same as playing with proper soldiers and guns, but I think they are perfect for little ones and I’m sure Thomas would love to incorporate the fighter jet and submarine into his Spider man games. They are also a very reasonable price, and I think Thomas and Jacob are already saving up their pocket money ready as we speak.

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