Just Dance Kids and Just Dance 3 – Review

Two dancing games with the Just Dance name, but two very different gaming experiences.

Just Dance Kids is obviously the one that my youngsters gravitated towards first, but once they saw their favourite LMFAO track on the Just Dance 3 listing they decided that both needed further investigation (and there was me thinking I would get Just Dance 3 all to myself)

We started with Just Dance Kids which is just as you would expect, all the great things that the Just Dance franchise is renowned for just in a kiddified version. The main differences between JD Kids and its big brother version is a much easier difficulty level and a track listing full of child friendly hits like ‘The Gummy Bear Song’, ‘Head,Shoulders,Knees and Toes’, ‘Jingle Bells’ and even a few classics TV Classics from The Wiggles, Imagination Movers and Yo Gabba Gabba.

Despite being for the younger generation, Ubisoft have gone all out on the graphics and interface front making Just Dance Kids look pretty amazing. Before this review, I hadn’t actually played any of the Just Dance Franchise before (I think the last dance game I played was Dancing Stage, yes it was that long ago!) So when we finally settled on ‘The Robot Song’ from Yo Gabba Gabba as our first dance I was amazingly impressed with the onscreen presentation. The kids in the background showing you the moves are so energetic and comical, it’s so much fun just to watch even before you start doing the moves yourself.

The Boys and me had  lots of laughs working our way through tunes, and it certainly tires them out after a few routines. Great thing to keep on standby for when the kids are getting a bit too boisterous and need to let off some steam before bedtime, after busting a few moves they are out like a light!

Just Dance 3 is very much the Grown up of the franchise, and it shows as soon as you get down to some gameplay.

Thomas and Jacob both decided that despite my protestations that JD3’s LMFAO hit was probably going to be a bit too difficult for them, they were going to be fine. Mummy however was right as it was way too difficult for their little feet to follow. That didn’t stop them rolling around laughing though every time they ended up falling over their feet.

There are 51 different tracks to choose from, with some brilliantly obscure and out their choices like Madness’ ‘Night boat to Cairo’ and ‘I was made for Lovin’ you’ by Kiss. Ever fancied feeling like an extra in ‘A Nightmare before Christmas’ and dancing around to ‘This Is Halloween’? Well with Just Dance 3 you can do just that.

My favorite gameplay experience is the newly upgraded Just Sweat Mode. This is where you get Sweat Points for your dancing, Dance Workouts and a very easy and enjoyable way for you to add some exercise into your daily routine.

It may surprise you but out of the two games even though it’s not essentially meant for me, I think I would still pick Just Dance Kids as my favourite. I suppose it’s probably just me still being a kid at heart, but I loved being able to dance around to the Wiggles with the kids. We could all do all of the routines, so there were no tears over missed achievements, and for me the wonderful children dancing in the background really made my day every time we played.

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