Kevin Levin’s Muscle Car for Pocket Money Price


As predicted by me, just like the last incarnation of Ben 10 now Thomas wants to collect all the new Ben 10 Alien Force toys.

He really wants(or needs!) the Omnitrix Projector and Kevin Levin’s Action Cruiser. Ive told him he has to wait until either he has saved enough money or failing that his birthday, and he’s okay with that.

Whilst shopping at Sainsburys today we noticed a small Hot Wheels car that looks exactly like Kevin Levins muscle car.  I decided to buy it for him as it was only £1.10 and it’ll be worth it to stop hearing “Can I have that for my birthday” every time we see it.

Sorry - no matching products found.

It’s a good alternative to the real thing and miniature, so it’s portable and can be carried around in small hands and pockets.

A good pocket money purchase for any Ben 10 fan.

The exact model name is Hot Wheels 2008 First Editions Dodge Challenger SRT8.

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