Kiddizoom Smart Watch – Review

This time last week I was busy watching my boys climbing around in the trees, negotiating rope bridges and flying down zip wires, all the while filming their exploits on their brand new Kiddizoom Smart Watches courtesy of Vtech.

We had an amazing Day at Go Ape! Black Forest Park putting the Kiddizoom Smart Watch through its paces.

Vtech had planned a brilliantly fun range of tasks for the children to attempt whilst moving along the treetop course.

As they made their way along the obstacles they had challenges like “pull a cheeky monkey face” , “Film yourself howling like tarzan on the zip line”, and “Take a selfie on the balancing beam”.

My boys both loved their new Kiddizoom Smartwatches, which have the ability to take photos, movies, play games, record voice memos, and obviously help them tell the time.

The quality of the photos isn’t going to be rivaling your iPhone, but it’s a lot better than I was expecting. For a comparison the last Kiddizoom camera I used was the Kiddizoom Video Camera, and the video and photo quality are much improved over this. Thomas took his watch to school to show his friends yesterday, and I was actually surprised how good some of the pictures he took were.

The watches are charged by connecting it up to a computer by the included USB cable, so hurray no batteries.

When your charging the device you can also easily retrieve the photos and videos from the camera watch and put them onto your computer desktop. Thomas has already changed his desktop picture to one of the photos he took on the day from his watch.

Don’t take our word for it either, the Kiddizoom Smart Watch has today been announced as one of the Toy Retailers Association’s Top 12 Dream Toys of 2014.

The watch is available in three colours, Pink, the usual Kiddizoom Blue, and a gorgeous white version.

Both my boys picked white, and I was really glad they did. The white looks more grown up, and for me makes the watch look a bit less kiddy and much more fashionable. I would recommend the blue or pink for younger children, and probably the white from aged 7 upwards for this reason.

Thomas thinks he’s a mini Tim Cook from Apple wearing his Kiddizoom Smart Watch, he’s thrilled with the reaction he’s been getting from his friends whilst wearing it.

The touchscreen is responsive, and makes the inbuilt games like Finger Dance (my boys fave) and rotating puzzle really fun.

Even though the games are small and simple they’ve come into there own when the boys are bored in the car, or waiting in the supermarket, or going on the bus to town.

The cool thing with the rotating puzzle game is that any photos you take with the camera can randomly appear as a puzzle in the game along with the default pictures.

Jacob has even taken to amusing himself with the stop watch function. Timing how long it takes for me to drag him around Sainsburys, and how long it takes to walk to school.

With an RRP of £39.99 I think that it’s a brilliant value for money toy, and if you shop around you can almost certainly find it cheaper at the moment. However that’s if you can find it, as I can see it selling out rather quickly now due to its appearance on the Dream Toys top 12. My advice would be to buy early and beat the rush.

Perhaps the only thing missing would be a mp3 player and headphone socket. This would be the killer addition, however probably impossible considering for its size I’m surprised they managed to fit in a camera and video recorder. It’d be nice for the next model though :)

Thanks so much to Vtech Toys for arranging such an amazing day out, and for letting us try out these awesome Kiddizoom Smart Watches.


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