Kobots – Review

Hold onto your hats, there’s another playground craze gonna hit your child’s school any minute soon.The Kobots are coming – You have been warned.

To give them their full title, The Kobots Federation are from Magic Box Int. The same people who brought us the GoGo’s Crazy Bones, and probably got the whole playground pocket-money toys ball really rolling.

Kobots are small plastic figures, which you twist into a sort of circular base. You use a Krator, which is essentially a small plastic plectrum to launch your Kobot into battle.

We tested out the Kobots Starter Pack, within which you get a Sticker Book (which also explains the rules of the games, and all about the Kobots related info you need to know to play) Two Kobots figures, Two Bases, plus a Kobotron and game arena.

We also received one of the blind Bags which contains 2 Kobots Figures, 2 Stickers, 2 bases, 2 figures and one Krator for the thrifty little price of £1.50. Great value for money to be had there.

The thing I like about Kobots, is that like the Gogo’s of old there is so much you can do with them – Perhaps even more so.

Even though there are only two main games to play (Kobotron and Battle), there is so much room for creative strategy within Kobots that I think this is enough to be getting on with. Children will make up more games as they go along, as again happened with the Crazy Bones. (Sorry for bringing up Gogo’s a lot but I still have over 500 here, so they were a big thing for us for a few years)

The strategy comes into play with deciding what tools to go into battle with. Firstly you’ll need to decide which of your Kobots you are going to send into battle.

There are 48 different figures which form 6 different teams, and each figure has a home and away kit. So that’s 96 to choose from in total.

The six teams are:

  • Phenix
  • Knightimals
  • Star Raiders
  • Silicon Copper
  • Ultradozers
  • Ninjaris

Each Kobot has its own attack and defence value printed up on its base. So you’ll need to choose wisely  if you want to stay in the game.  This Kobot called VR-TRON from the Silicon Copper tram only has an Attack value of 60, but makes up for it with an impressive defence of 480.

Next it’s time to choose which Krator you use. There are 3 types, Thunder (Green) , Colossus (Red) and Titan (Blue)

The green Krator is the best to start with as a new player, it’s soft and easy to shoot with. As you move up to the Thunder and Titan, the Krator’s get thicker, but power is not always everything. You need to have the skills to be able to use it.

Lastly you have the base. You can either put your Kobot on the base facing upwards, if you want to shoot horizontally. By putting your Kobot into the upturned base you’ll be able to make some amazing jump shoots.

If all that strategy your little one is after a bit of a break, filling in their stick album will provide a bit of light relief. Theres so much information in the sticker album, that itself is guaranteed to keep them busy.

I really like the Kobots, and have been enjoying flicking them around with the boys. Trying to perfect my skills at the Kobotron. At £3.99 for the starter pack, and only £1.50 for the blind bags you can’t go wrong really. They are the perfect pocket-money toy. Stickers, 2 toy figures in every pack – Well worth it.

Magic Box Int have a brilliant Youtube channel with tons of videos explaining everything you could ever wish to know about the Kobots. All the Teams, All the Games, How to Play, Everything is covered.

Make sure you head over there to check them out :http://www.youtube.com/user/magicboxint

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