Kung Zhu Hamsters

Remember all the fuss about Go Go / Zu Zu Pet Hamsters? Well be prepared to live through it all again this Christmas, But this time the boys want a piece of the action!

Obviously Mr Squiggles, Pipsqueak and co from last year were too fluffy and lovely for most boys to want anything to do with them, so they’ve now been transformed into battle hardened warriors in the hope that the lads will take to them more.

And by golly do you know what I think it’s going to work. It’s got everything that an 8 year old boy could want in a toy. Mindless Collecting…check, Requiring special equipment arena with countless add on parts…check, Goodies and Baddies fighting against each other in two teams for no apparent reason…check, Turning harmless furry creatures into mindless battling machines…check, and of course every good franchise needs a Computer game too…check, well looks like they got everything covered then.

As you can probably tell I’m not totally enamoured with the Kung Zhu Hamsters, but to be honest it’s not me they’re aimed at are they. The marketing is certainly working as I just showed Thomas the advert and asked his opinion, “Kung Zhu, Yes I want that ” was his reply, and there was me thinking he wouldn’t even know what they were.

I think there is some sort of story behind the Hamsters, something to do with the card of Zhu but I’m not really sure.

Along with the Hamsters and Battle Arena, theres a whole host of Battle Armour, Vehicles, Training zones and Base Stations to collect too.

I’m really not sure I like the idea of cute furry hamsters having Ninja style knives and riding round in tanks, so I think it’s gonna take a lot of persuading for Santa to leave this under the tree for Thomas.

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