Kurio 10 inch version now available

You’ve probably already heard about the new Kids tablet – Kurio, and how it’s set to become THE must have toy of Christmas 2012. Well now the buzz around the Kurio has got even bigger, because the new larger 10″ version of the Kurio is now available.

The larger screen space will be a real boon to families who are planning to use the Kurio as more of a whole family tablet, rather than just for the kids. A kiddie tablet in the day, and then as an adult android tablet in the evening.

Obviously you can still do this with the 7inch version, but personally I whilst perfect for the children I have found the 7inch a bit too small for my liking. Luckily I have my own iPad, if not I would definitely trade up to the 10″ Kurio if I was using it as well.

One possible downside is that you don’t get the kid safe bumper with the Kurio 10. However being that bit larger, the kiddos are less likely to be on the move as much with it,  and I’m not sure the extra bulk of the bumper would look good on the larger screen.

The Kurio 10 is an interesting proposition, and gives mum and dad even more to think about this Christmas. For only £50 extra the larger screen is a big bonus, but would make it possibly a bit too large for the smallest of users.

I would probably still go for the Kurio 7 for kids aged 4-7, and then the Kurio 10 for children any older.

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