Latest Lego Bloggers Box – Review

Last week saw the much awaited delivery of our brand new Lego Bloggers box for review, and boy were we in for a treat yet again.

This time around for review were:

  • 70131 Lego Chima Rogon’s Rock Flinger
  • 440161 Lego Hero Factory Jaw Beast Vs Stormer
  • 44020 Lego Hero Factory Flyer Beast Vs Breez
  • 42027 Lego Technic Desert Racer
  • 70802 The Lego Movie Bad Cop’s Pursuit

A brilliant box full of variety I think you’ll agree.

Being at home at the moment laid up with a broken foot has one big advantage – Plenty of time to build Lego (with and without the kids!) So all of the models are now made and have been fully tested to their limits.

First out of the box was the Lego Technic Desert Racer. Jacob was so excited about this one, so we put this one together first.

We’ve never had a Lego Technic set before, and I was afraid it would be complicated and fiddly, but lucky it wasn’t and was really easy actually. Being a bit wary of Lego Technic’s and the age rating of 7-14, I took on this build myself initially.

Once I was into it and realised that it was nowhere as difficult as I’d initially assumed we all got stuck in and finished it together. The finished product took us just over 30 minutes to complete. Then we were all set to Off Road!

The boys think there desert racer is super cool. The huge tyres, big exhaust pipes, and decals make this one awesome ride. They just love it and have been having a blast making ramps and watching it sail over them at top speed.

It has a pull back action which makes it go really fast. Faster than you’d imagine. Theres also a working winch on the front for pulling it out of danger, or for using it to drag the Lego men along like Jacob does.

Onto The Lego Movie set – Bad Cop’s Pursuit. I think I must be the only person who hasn’t managed to see The Lego Movie yet. The boys have both been 3 times with grandparents and friends, so mum and dad have been left out so far. I was hoping to take them myself, but thanks to this pesky broken foot, i’ll have to wait for the dvd now. Definitely will be getting the DVD though, as soon as it’s released.

The kids both love The Lego Movie so were really excited to play out one of the best scenes with their new Lego set.

With an RRP of £24.99 you get a fair amount of Lego for your money. Theres 2 police mini figures, One of our Hero Emmet, 2 police crocodiles with snapping jaws, a flying police car, and a buildable bridge which you can pull out a lever to collapse.

Again this was a very simple build, and only took around 30 minutes tops. That was with my help, but I think Thomas would have ben able to do it unassisted in about an hour.

The fun aspect of having Emmet hanging off the collapsing bridge with the snapping police crocs waiting underneath has so much play potential. The boys and I have come up with loads of different scenarios for the Bad cop’s and Emmet to get into. This is a great set for a young Lego lover with an active imagination.

Chima is next on the menu, with Lego Legends of Chima – Rogon’s Rock Flinger

This set see’s the Rhino tribe rolling off-road in their rock flinger after the Sparcon (a creepy spider type mini figure) who’s stolen their precious Chi.

The Rock Flinger is an extra special vehicle. Incredibly looking like a wheeled reinforced Rhino.

The massive wheels are excellent for any terrain. Jacob has been having great fun driving it around the garden now the rain has let off for a bit.

The special move that gives the Rock Flinger its name is hidden underneath the two top panels. Lift them up and out pops the rock flingers catapult arm. When loaded up with the included rock, you’ll wow as it launches across the room.

A great set for Chima fans.

Last but not least is Jacob’s favourite Lego range – Hero Factory.

Were so lucky that the Lovely people at Lego know us so well, as each Lego Bloggers Box is personalised for each Blogger, and each box always contains some Hero Factory for Jacob!

Lego always comes up with great story arcs for each new Hero Factory series, we especially loved last years Brain Attack.

This time around its ‘Invasion from Below’. Gigantic monsters rising out of the cracks of a massive earthquake send the Hero Factory into action.

The new sets feature small mini figure sized Hero Factory heroes for the first time, portraying how massive these monsters from below really are. The Hero Factory look puny in comparison.

It’s a great new addition to the Hero Factory story. Jacob just loved his new miniature Hero Factory figures. It’s great that he can now play with Stormer and pals in his normal Lego sets too.

As well as playing with the monsters, he’s had lots of fun building headquarters and vehicles for the Hero Factory now that they are normal mini figure size.

A brilliant new way to play with Hero Factory, and a great update to the series. Jacob’s verdict was “Totally Awesome!”

Disclosure: Thanks so much to Lego for enabling us to review these new products as part of the Lego Family Bloggers Panel. 



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