Leap Frog Tag Reading System:Interactive World Map – Review

We were very kindly sent a Tag Reader plus Interactive World Map by the team at Leapfrog to review over Half Term.

The Tag Reading System is a great way to get your little ones into books. Using the Pen like Tag reader your youngster can scan across the page and the words are read aloud as they go.

I like that real youngsters can start off easy and have the whole page read out to them. Then as they progress with their reading they can move onto just clicking on the words giving them a problem, reading the rest themselves.

We also all love that the books are not just for reading, there’s also some cool games and puzzles to play in them too.

The big draw however was the Interactive World Map. I don’t think the boys had seen anything like this before, and both were fighting over the Tag Reader to see who got first go.

First off the Map is huge, so it’s definitely large enough for families to all get stuck in and play together. This will probably sound a bit weird, but me and the boys had a great time playing with this map (yes playing with a map does sound weird, but it’s so cool!)

It’s so educational, but in such a fun way. Forget the kids, it’s me who’s enjoying learning with this toy. I will admit thanks to a severe dislike of my old Geography teacher, It’s not my best subject by a long shot. So for me personally this has been a great thing for me and the kids to play together, as I’m generally learning along with them.

Plus it’s not only ¬†where countries are that I’ve been learning, but also some amazing facts like how the Marianas Trench is the deepest part of the world’s ocean, or that Oymyakon is the coldest villager on earth (even colder than the North Pole in the winter). Animal facts, different languages and cultures, it’s all here to be explored on the Leap Frog Tag Reading System Interactive World Map.

If you already have a Tag Reader the addition of the Interactive World Map is an absolute must. I cannot believe how much information is contained on the two sides of this map. We’ve been using it everyday for over a week, and there are still things we are finding that no-one has clicked on before. If you don’t already own a Tag Reader if you have a young child from around the ages of 3-8 I would highly recommend one. Honestly even if you’re not sure whether you would use the books, I would even get one just to use with the map.

In my opinion an amazingly thoughtful gift or present for a primary school aged child.


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