Leapfrog Text and Learn = Baby phone home

As soon as I found out about this toy I just knew i’d be getting one as soon as they came out (2 probably after they’ve both seen it).

All baby’s and kids love playing with phones, and by the looks of it this one is going to be a dozy. The Leapfrog Text and Learn is a basically a blackberry for babies, with it’s qwerty keyboard and large secreen it’s the spitting image of the real thing.

Children will be able to play games with Scout a virtual puppy which is set  to be a new Leapfrog star just like Tad the frog who appears on most things at the moment, as there will be a range of new products all featuring Scout the puppy.

Designed to be a first step into using computers, kids will learn to get to grips with letters on the qwerty keyboard and navigating around with the arrow keys.

Sorry - no matching products found.

Theres even a game where Scout sends you a text message, your child can get that first buzz of recieving a text and can also reply back by just pressing any letters on the keypad. Also theres an organiser where Scout sings a jolly song about days of the week, and elaborates on certain things like on Monday I have to go to the doctors.

I think this really looks like a fun toy and hopefully it will stop the little one stealing my phone and remote.

The Leapfrog Text and Learn is due for release in August and is expected to retail at £19.99, and I’ll write a full review just as soon as I can get my hands on one.

For more information about the Text and Learn, check out this link.

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