Leapster Explorer Camera and Video Accessory – Review

Ever since we recieved the Leapster Explorer to review last year it’s been constantly played with every day, I could not ask for more from a toy for my boys. Well actually I could ask for a bit more, because as soon as I found out that there was to be a Camera and Video add on for the Explorer I’ve been champing at the bit to test it out. Finally the wait is over and the Leapfrog Explorer Camera and Video accessory has been released, and I’m thrilled that thanks to the kind ladies from Leapfrog i’m now able to bring you the big Toybuzz review.

First thing you need to know is that this is much more than just a camera and video recorder, there are so many games and activites included too that you’ll be amazed when I list them all.

On the main menu you will find 5 different categories

1) Camera and Video Mode  – The main mode which you can choose from either Camera or change to Video

2) Fun Lab – The kids favourite mode which has lots and lots of cool games and activities

3) Photo Album  – Lets the kids create slideshows of the photos, complete with music and even audio commentary if you want.

4) Photo and Video Gallery – Where all the movies and pictures are stored, you can view from here and this is where you delete them from too.

5) Badges – Earn badges for completing challenges as you play, which you can swap for Leapworld tokens.

For me the Funlab is the star of the show, when they called it the Funlab they wern’t kidding! In the Funlab you will find 8 different games and challenges,

1:  Funimatic – You can draw on your pictures, add stamps, frames and mirror & kaleidoscope effects

2: Zapped ! – Highly addictive space shoot em up with which you can hone either you maths or spelling skills. The really cool part is that you add your own photos to the ships.

3: Card Creator – A series of fun photo frames that you can place your own face into to make some classic photos.

4:  Video Maestro – Make your own music video by choosing some music and then filming something to go along with it.

5:  Photo Journalist – Game where you have to take photos of a range of things like objects, emotions. Good for keeping the children busy for ages as they try to take photos of everything and complete the mission.

6:  Story Creator – Amazing tool where you can build your own stories by dragging words and taking photos. When you’ve finished you can watch your and listen to your story as a slideshow, very cool!

7: Photo Fracture – Splits your taken photos up into puzzles. You drag the pieces back into the correct spaces, and the Leapster will tell you the names of the shapes as you do.

8: Expansion Games – Think you will be able to by extra games from the Leaplet Store, but there are none available as yet.

Sorry - no matching products found.

If you own a Leapster Explorer in my opinion the Video and Camera expansion is an absolute must. Even though we already own one of those Kiddie cameras, they’re is so much more to this than just a camera. The games are so much fun, and also so educational! Thomas has been busy zapping numbers, learning about shapes, developing storytelling skills, all without even knowing it.

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