Lego Batman The Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite – Review

On Friday the Toybuzz house was overrun with Bat Fans, Lego Batman Fans to be exact!

Having received the Lego Batman film on DVD to review, we decided to hold a little screening party with the boys and a few of their school friends.

First order of the day after arriving with the over excited group after school was to get them to calm down with a bit of Lego Batman 2 on the Xbox whilst I tried to get tea ready.

The boys all enjoyed my handiwork with the Batman masks I’d made earlier.

After food had been finished we had a bit of Lego Batman fun in the kitchen with some colouring pages I’d managed to find a and print out.  All coloured in with our Lego felt tips of course :)








Jacob’s not really a big fan of colouring pages, so he made his own picture using some spare stickers out of a Lego Batman sticker book we had. Afterwards he drew a picture of his own of Batman flying over Gotham City.








Finally then it was time to settle down and watch the movie – But not before cakes!

I did plan on making the cakes myself, but time was against me and so I had to buy some store bakery muffins (terrible mother I know) and just make the Batman cupcake wrappers to put them in. Kids obviously were none the wiser and wolfed them down whilst enjoying the film.

Now down to the important bit, all about Lego Batman the Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite.

The movie is all about Joker and Lex Luthor teaming up to take over the world, with Batman and the rest of Justice League out to stop them.

If you’ve played the Lego Batman 2 game, then you’ll already know the plot of the movie as it’s featured as the cut scenes throughout the game. You don’t get the full picture with the cut scenes though, and this movie fills in all the gaps for you, and adds loads of extra bits.

Even though id sat through the boys playing the game and had seen the cut scenes before, it much more enjoyable and exciting to watch them all together in this way.

The boys all enjoyed the movie. When polled they all voted for the part when Batman and Robin go to Jokers lair and he sets up a ton of dynamite which blows to then reveal Jokers face. They all laughed a lot at that.

Everyone agreed that the movie was really good fun, and I think that the low price of the dvd makes it an excellent buy to keep the kids happy during the Half Term.

Lego Batman the Movie: DC Super Heroes Unite is out now 28th October on DVD and Blu Ray exclusively from Tesco.

£5 for DVD, and £7 for Blu-Ray version. 



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