Lego Ben 10 Alien Force – Review

I was lucky enough to receive some Ben 10 Alien Force Lego to review this week. We were sent  Spidermonkey  and Chromstone figures, and of course my sons very willingly participated in the testing process.

We sat down and opened Chromastone first, got out the instructions and set to work. There are only 14 main pieces, and seven of the little pink spikes, so it didn’t take long at all to put together. In fact Thomas was up and playing with him in under 5 minutes, and that was with a 4 year old and a 2 year old helping (or possibly more hindering) me to assemble it.

Spidermonkey was also ready for action in about 5 minutes, so putting these together isn’t a problem at all, and I would say a 5 1/2 – 6 year old would be fine assembling it themselves.

The age recommendation on the box does say 5 – 12, and I think that’s certainly right for the construction part. However my 2 /nearly 3 year old was fine playing with them both. The only part of Lego which is too small for under 3’s is the spikes on Chromastone so I took these off before I let Jacob play with him alone.

The Spidermonkey didn’t have any parts which I considered to be too small for him, so we were all good there.

The assembled toys were much bigger than I thought they would be, Spidermonkey is 22cm tall! Chromastone measured in slightly bigger at 24cm tall, but I think that’s the spike on the top of his head.

Just to give you an idea of the scale  once finished these are my sons 3 different versions of Chromastone.

10cm  Alien creature vehicle Chromastone

15cm DNA AlienFigure Chromastone

24cm Lego Ben 10 Alien Force Chromastone.

The really great thing about Lego Ben 10 Alien Force  is that all the parts are interchangeable between sets. So your kids will have great fun taking off Chromastones head and putting it on Spidermonkeys and vice-versa. In the back of the instruction booklet they give you some ideas of different alien forms you can create, like the  SwampFire /Jetray hybrid, but your own child’s imagination is always going to come up with the best creations.

If you do need any more help with ideas for new aliens you can log onto for detailed instructions.

I had a go first to show the boys how you can interchange the parts, and came up with this simple ChromaMonkey. Thomas took the idea to the extreme by putting two heads on them, just hands, claw on the head, whatever he could think of he tried. Even Jacob at only 2 got the idea immediately and had a go at making an alien. The pieces were a bit stiff for him to clip on, but he showed me where he wanted them to go and enjoyed himself.

Obviously with only 2 sets there is only so many things you can change around but Thomas tried his best to exhaust all the available options. I will definitely be getting him the other aliens in the series (Swampfire, Jet Ray, Humungousaur and Big Chill) as I know he will come up with some great alien combos when he has all the sets. Also with the sets being very reasonably priced at around £13 each, it wont hit me too hard on the pocket either.

Another great advantage of the easily removable pieces is that if he’s too rough whilst playing as he often can be, if a piece falls off it just clips back on.

We have a massive action figure emergency surgery repair shop in my cupboard of pieces which I constantly try to superglue back on like Heatblasts legs or Stinkflys wings, only for Thomas to bring them back a week later with another appendage hanging off. These Lego figures will be a godsend in that respect and I hope that they make more of the alien figures in Lego form soon.

Also don’t think that being Lego they are too flimsy to be played with, these are made of a strong plastic and the pieces will not just go flying off as they clip tight into place.

Another nice little extra feature is that the Lime green bits on the figures like the Ben 10 Logo, and the eyes glow in the dark. Only a small thing, but kids always love glow in the dark so this will go down well when they notice.

In conclusion I would recommend the various Lego Ben 10 Alien Force sets to any parents with Ben 10 mad kids. For £13 they are excellent value for money, you get a very large, highly customisable figure which will last rather than break on the first day.

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