Lego City Airport 3182

Took a visit to Toys R Us this weekend for a gander at all the new toys. Toys R Us has to be my all time favourite place to spend a lazy afternoon. Anyway, we had to take a look down the Lego aisle as both of my boys are Lego nuts at the moment and this new little gem definitely caught Jacob’s eye, the Lego City Airport.

Well he’s not likely to be getting this set any time soon as it’s for ages 6 – 12 and at 2 and 1/2 he has a fair way to go, but it is a gorgeous set all the same.

For all of you Lego fanatics out there the number for this Lego City Airport set is #3182.

At around £80 it is a pricey piece of Lego, but I do think that you get a lot of big pieces for your money.  The Airport building, Control Tower and Plane are so detailed. Right down to a little baggage X-Ray machine and walk through scanner by the check in desk.

One really nice feature which I liked was the revolving doors, they look so cute.

Inside the main building you have a cafe/coffee shop area with seating and little coffee mugs. There’s a shop with cash register, a vending machine, ticket / check in desk, x-ray machine and a baggage reclaim.

I liked the way that it’s totally open at the back, so you can actually easily play inside it. Although it’s packed with places inside, it’s quite simple in design. This is definitely made to be played with by the kids rather than just a collectors piece.

The control tower is also totally open at the back. It has a cool swivel chair for the air traffic controller to sit in too.

The small yellow airport tug is a nice little extra. It comes with a hook on the back for transporting either the luggage in a little baggage cart or the movable aeroplane stairs.

The top of the aeroplane also easily lifts off for easy play. Theres some computers and seats in the cockpit, a catering area in the front of the cabin, and first and economy class seating inside. The back of the plane also has a little flap that acts as the hold for the suitcases to go in.

You get 5 minifigures with the set, an air hostess, pilot, airport maintence man, check in assistant (or he could be the air traffic control man i suppose) and a holiday maker. 3 suitcases are also included.

It’s a really cool Lego set, and something that I would definitely consider buying Jacob if only he was a bit older. I’m going to be keeping my eyes open for maybe a Lego Duplo Airport or I may even end up getting it for my 5 year old as I really am very enamoured with it.

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