Lego Duplo Disney Pixar Cars

Was looking online this morning at the Toys R Us website, and like a hawk Jacob was peering over my shoulder. I’m sure he can sense toy a mile away.

Anyway whilst I was looking at the Lego we found some great Duplo sets from the movie Cars. As soon as he saw the Macks Road Trip set, he said “I want that for my birthday mummy!” Of course he does.

I wouldn’t actually mind buying him this set though as 1) It’s Lego which we all love, and 2) It’s Cars which he adores too.

There are 3 other sets available too Flo’s Cafe, Mater’s Yard and just Lightning McQueen on his own.

Macks Road Trip is the biggest and most expensive set (well it would be wouldn’t it) and comes with a Lego Lightning McQueen, Sheriff and Mack with his trailer. You also get some highway signs and a cactus to help bring your own mini Radiator Springs to life.

Strangely with Flo’s V8 Diner you don’t actually get Flo, it comes with Sally, Lightning and Doc Hudson. At least Maters Yard comes with a Mater! And also another Sheriff vehicle.

So really if you buy the 3 main sets you’ll get 2 Lightning’s and 2 Sheriffs along with the rest of the gang. For me that’s not two bad as I had two boys who are bound to argue about who gets to be Lightning McQueen, and at least if you’ve only got one child you’ll have a spare if the main attraction breaks or you lose pieces.

Jacob’s birthday is the start of December, so he’s got birthday and Christmas in the same month. So I’ll probably get him the Mater’s Yard for his Birthday ’cause everyone loves Mater don’t they, and then get him the big Mack for Christmas as i’m one of those parents who believes in leaving the big present for Christmas.

I don’t think Jacob’s Cars fascination will be coming to an end anytime soon either. Just read about Cars 2 coming out next summer!

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  • July 21, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Stumbled upon your blog while researching these toys. How clever are you?? fab blog will check back regulary as I also have 2 boys too many toys also bless you. xx I was planning to start doing the xmas shopping now but everything I look at I just want to give them now. Anyway I’m single now and though I would spend every last penny on treats for them I know I mustn’t. So I may lean on you alot to keep me sensible. I hope you are prepared to have this mad strange woman talk to you randomly now and again. BTW how was cybermummy I was very tempted to go this year but still didn’t have the courage. My blog is not commercial and it is very personal I still get shocked everytime I get a comment lol. Anyway by for now, a very random stranger Caroline x

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