Lego Duplo Polar Zoo Review

Fancy owning your own penguin enclosure? Well now you can! Complete with 2 penguins and 2 polar bears the Duplo Polar Zoo is perfect for budding David Attenboroughs.

Whilst playing with the zoo keeper you can feed the animals with the included fish, or even use it to tempt the penguins to do tricks and jump through the hoop.

I was a bit concerned that the Polar Zoo might be a bit boring on it’s own, without the bigger sets like the Big City Zoo or Feeding Zoo and the additional animals they have. I am happy to admit that my fears were unfounded.

As soon as the box was opened Jacob was diving inside, trying to find the animals. He particuarly likes the penguins and spends ages studying them.

I was surprised that the set didn’t come with any instructions on how to put it all together. It can be made several different ways and I love that there’s a bit of variety. It was easy enough to copy the pictures from the cover of the box, but what happens when you want to put the Duplo in a new container?


The part that garnered most enthusiasm was the tube slide, which you can use to send the penguins sliding down the shoot. Toddlers love putting objects into things and seeing the consequences, so the slide was a big hit. Jacob even made the Zoo keeper take part, chucking her down the slide even with the fish in her hand.

The animals and fun slide make this a lovely set for smaller children, I would say from 12 months onwards. There are no small pieces in this set that I would consider a hazard if fully supervised. All the bricks are chunky and easily clipped together and taken apart, even by the smallest of hands.

I would definitely recommend this set to the parent of any young would be zoologist.

Another entertaining Duplo set I also reviwed was the Lego Duplo Police Station, also highly recommended.

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