Lego Duplo Police Station Review

The Lego Duplo Police Station is the perfect toy for mischievous little toddlers, they will love chasing the bad guy in the van and even playing the bad guy!

As soon as Thomas saw the box, he jumped up and down over the fact it had a jail. He just loves making traps for his toy figures and then locking them up. So this set is just perfect for him.

On opening the box we found the instruction sheet, within minutes the Station was built and being played with.

Thomas’ favourite part of the whole set was the toilet. He thinks it’s hilarious that the robber can sit on the toilet. Boy’s and their toilet humour!

Jacob was instantly drawn to the police van, with it’s flashing lights and siren. A nice feature is that the back of the van lifts open and you can see a set of benches on each side, The figures don’t sit on these but it just looks realistic. Not that I would really know about those sorts of things,  I just watch too much of The Bill.

We all liked the fact that the police van can drive through the arch in the station, and drop off the robber into the jail. We also used the gap as the van’s parking space.

They both enjoyed dropping the figures through the hole in the roof, although Thomas did get a bit frustrated with it. The grill sits precariously on top of the gap, the slightest movement makes it fall inwards into the cell. The grills on the windows and doors are both hinged and able to swing back and forth easily. I think the grill would have benefited from the same design, we just took the grill off in the end and it was fine.

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It has two figures, a robber, a police officer and a dog. I presume the dog is supposed to be a police dog. However in our house he changes allegiance regularly, helping the robber out of jail when the officers not looking. Also included is a briefcase and mobile phone.

The pieces are the perfect size for small hands, Jacob isn’t the recommended 2 years old yet but had a great time sticking the bricks together. The only pieces that might not be suitable would be the case and phone, so I took care to make sure he didn’t have those pieces.

Thomas has also incorporated some of his other toys into the fun, he has been using the jail to capture his Scooby Doo monster villains. As the sides of  the jail cell are left open larger  figures can be placed inside without the structure falling apart. It also means little hands can get right inside as well.

One point I will mention is that you can only make the police station with this set, there’s not enough bricks to make anything else. You have to make the Station as instructed, there’s no extra bricks for any variation. That would be my only minor niggle.

In my opinion this set is perfect for toddlers aged 2 – 4 years old. I also reviewed the Duplo Polar Zoo and think that would be a better buy  for smaller ones aged 1 upwards.

For the amount of things you get with this set I think it’s excellent value for money and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. The only problem is the included catalogue of all the other Legoville toys, Thomas already has a list of what to get next!

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