Lego Family Blogger Reviews December

As a family we are all big Lego fanatics, running this blog has already given us so many amazing opportunities to review various new Lego sets.

However I was still stunned and overwhelmed with excitement last month when we were asked to become a member of the Lego Blogger partnership 2102!

I didn’t tell the boys initially, as I wanted to see their faces when the first Lego parcel arrived. It certainly was a picture when the dived into their first Lego hamper of goodies. They didn’t know what to open first.

In all we received:

2 Packs of Lego Minifigures Series 8 – We got the Downhill Skier and Business Man

Lego Dino Set 5882 – Coelophysis Ambush Attack

Lego City Set 4200 – Mining 4×4

Lego Lord of the Rings Set 9471 – Uruk-Hai Army

Lego City Alarm Board Game

Cool but very mysterious poster for Lego’s newest range coming out 2013 – Legends of Chima

Ok let’s get down to the reviewing.

Firstly we set up the Lego Dino Set. This was a really lovely set, very easy to build, and completed in around 15 minutes. The Dino theme is great, so many fun ideas to be had with this set. The Dinosaur figure is all one piece, and stands up well without any wobbles even on the carpet. Jacob particularly liked the jungle bush, as he loved hiding the dinosaur behind and jumping out on me driving the jeep.

My favourite part is the fact the Jeep driver has 2 faces, one painted each side of his face. In the above picture he has his’ happy go lucky’ face on, but turn him around and he suddenly gets very frightened like he’s seen a big Dinosaur or something.

The Lego Dino 5882 set is recommended for children 5-12 years, which I think is about right. I’d probably say as the build is so easy it would be ideal for the younger end 5-8 Years, simply because it’s a perfect starter set.

Another set which would make an ideal first build would be the Lego City Set 4200 – Mining 4×4

 I was the one who loved this set the most I think. I’ve been enjoying Gold Rush on Discovery Channel recently, so getting to do a bit of prospecting for myself was really fun.

This set is great value for money in terms of playability. You get the truck and Miner, but also various tools, signs, dynamite, and the boulder full of gold. Theres really so much you can do with all the pieces, it will keep youngsters busy for hours.

Again it was a very simple and easy build, only 15 minutes from opening to playtime. Thomas did this one with no help from me, whilst I made the Dino set.

The boulder which comes apart was the boys highlight with this one. The gold inside looks very cool, and they loved setting up the dynamite and timer and then running off to push down the plunger. Lots of fun to be had with that.

Next up we made the Lord of the Rings set, although this one was harder so I did a bit more of the work.

I’m currently in the process of trying to get the boys into Lord of The rings and The Hobbit. We’ve just started watching Fellowship of the Ring, and although we are taking it in chunks as it’s so long were all enjoying it so far. The boys are massive fans of all the Lego video games, so I’m thinking Santa may add the Lego Lord of The Rings video game to his sack for them, as i’d love to be able to enjoy it with them.

This set however is probably the start of their love affair with Lord of The Rings, as it’s amazing! and since we received it, it’s been one of the most played with things in the house.

Again this set is amazing value for the amount of play you will get out of it. It comes with 6 Mini-Figures all with various weapons,armour and shields. A massive moveable catapult, A castle fortress wall (which also has its own mini-catapult) and lots more little bits and pieces like arrows and things.

Whats great about this set is the fact that it’s a battle, so you get 4 of the baddie Uruk-Hai, and 2 Rohan figures. One being the exclusive to this set Éomer figure. Both sides have some really cool weapons, the Uruk-Hai catapult is so cool, but the good guys have the fortress wall to protect them.

Both of the Catapults actually fire little Lego missiles too, so you can fire back and forth at each other. So much fun!

Being more complex a set, it was a longer build. However it was still a fairly simple one, and only took me around 40 minutes to have it all finished. I did the bulk of the building, but only because Thomas and Jacob were already busy fighting with the Mini-figures as soon as they were made.

The set also combines with The Battle of Helms Deep set number 9474 to create a huge fortress, and an even bigger battle. The Helms Deep set looks so impressive already, but adding this set really makes it something else. The boys are definitely saving up their christmas money to hopefully get the Helms Deep set in the new year.









Last but not least we tried out the new Lego City Alarm Board Game.

If you’ve never played a Lego board game before then it is a little different to the norm. As in firstly before you can start paying you actually have to build the board. So it’s not the simplest of set ups.

It’s not that it’s hard to build, but it’s just not conducive to a quick game as it takes around 25 minutes at least to put everything together that first time. So I was so glad after we’d finished that it would all fit back in the box in one piece.

The game is a good old cops and robbers chase around Lego City. One player being the Robbers, and one being the police hot on their tail. If like us you have more than 2 players then you need to make teams. For us me and Jacob were the good guys, and Thomas was the naughty robber.


The aim of the game for the robbers is to steal 10 stacks of money, and the police win if they catch all four robbers before they can.

Rather than rolling the dice to move around the board, Lego City Alarm has its own twist and for me it’s what makes the game.  For this game you turn over one of the brown dice bricks, and move that number. Or in the case of the Train brick, move to any train station you desire. Firstly all the bricks are turned over so its purely luck how many moves you can take, and once you’ve turned that brick over it stays turned over until all the bricks are used and you mix them around again. Once a few of the bricks have been used, it starts to get into strategy territory more. Second guessing your opponents moves depending on which bricks you know are left.

When a robber lands on a square with a building then they get to roll the special Lego Dice. Which depending on the side which it lands, affects the game in several different ways. They can get away scot-free with 2 bundles of cash, Get one stash of cash and then trip the alarm to send the police helicopter over, or get away with nothing and get the helicopter onto them.

It’s an interesting game, but I felt that the robber got to have more fun than the Police, Me and Jacob were just running around after Thomas rather than having a game of our own I felt. So if I was playing with younger children I would probably suggest they be the robbers as they get to roll the special dice.

Thanks so much to Lego for picking us to become a member of the Lego Blogger partnership 2102. We can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us :)

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