Lego Hero Factory

Lego Hero Factory is Lego’s newest line of figures for the 6 – 10 year old boy demographic, carrying on from where the now defunct Bionical  line left off.

The story behind the line is that the Heroes live and work at  the Hero Factory in Makuhero City. The factory designs, builds and dispatches Heros across the universe to sort out trouble with villains, solve crisis and generally be the galaxies good guys.

Von Nebula is the leader of the Villains the Hero Factory have their eye on. He used to be known as Von Ness and was part of the Hero Factory, but did a bit of an Anakin Skywalker and went over to the Dark Side. He’s now the Lego Hero Factories enemy number one.

The Leader of the Hero Factory Alpha Team is Preston Stormer, having completed the most missions out of any other hero he’s the bravest and toughest hero there is.

From having a looksy on the Hero Factory Website, which is full of lots of cool games and stuff by the way, I’ve decided Meltdown is my Favourite character. He’s a villain, who carries a radioactive sludge shooter on his back, and has an evil cyclops stare.

Lego have produced this Viral video to go along with the launch of the Lego Hero Factory Brand. It involves Meteorites crash landing around the world, because the Villains main weapon is a Meteor Blaster.

I’m currently waiting on some of the sets for review. So once me and the boys have had a good play around with the Heroes, I’ll get a post written up. I’m also heading up to Windsor on Saturday to attend the Lego Hero Factory launch event, there’s even going to be a meteor there! So I’ll be posting details of our trip there and some piccies next week.

In the meantime check out the video:

Lego Hero Factory Savage Planet Dvd (365 Games) 365 Games Logo


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