Lego Hero Factory 2.0 – Review

It doesn’t seem like yesterday that I reviewed the new Lego Hero Factory series last year, but already we have some new and improved 2.0 heroes to collect, and some new monstrous villains to enjoy fighting against.

We received the new version of the Hero Factory’s Team Leader to review – Preston Stormer 2.0, and one of the new villains Drilldozer.

The new Stormer is a few cm taller than the original, but you don’t really notice that much of a difference in size. What you do notice are the the new design armour plates over his body, the hose he now has going from his back to his ice sword/shield, and the biggest improvement some new headgear attached to his helmet.

Now Thomas is about 6 months older than when we got the original Hero Factory figures, so I though that maybe now he would be old enough to have a go at building Preston all on his own. I had a quick look at the instructions and they seemed really straight forward, and the recommended age on the box is 6-16 so at 5 1/2 he’s nearly there, so we gave it a go. Thomas was really excited to be building him alone, and wouldn’t let me help at all! He did really well and there were no hiccups along the way as the instructions were so clear, our brand new Preston Stormer 2.0 was complete and ready for action in just over 10 minutes, which for a first attempt I thought was really well done.

Drilldozer was that little bit harder to build, and as such is aged as 7-16. Once again Thomas did the majority of the work, I’d say at least 90%, but he did need a little help with the more trickier elements. Drilldozer is a brand new villain, and the boys were immediately impressed. I didn’t think anything could top Von Nebula, but I think I might actually prefer Drilldozer to him. Although Thomas thinks Drilldozer is amazingly cool, he still thinks Von Nebula looks scarier, Jacob however prefers Drilldozer, I think it’s the ┬áred colour scheme and flames. At 21cm Drilldozer is slightly smaller than Von Nebula, but as you can see from the picture he towers above Stormer, and looks extremely menacing.

It’s not just Preston Stormer who has had a 2.0 makeover, his team mates Furno, Evo, Nex, Surge and Breez have also got in on the act. Coupled with the new Fire Villians Drilldozer, Jetbug, Nitroblast and the almighty Fire Lord, Lego Hero factory is going from strength to strength. Can’t wait for 3.0!

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