Lego Hero Factory 3.0 – Review

Wow 3.0 already!

It seems like only yesterday Thomas was playing with the regular old 1.0 Preston Stormer, now he seems a bit old hat compared to the souped-up 3.0 version.

The first most obvious change I could see once we put all the heroes together is that their heads are much more pointed now, rather than the very rounded original helmets. Even their eyes are now pointed, and it makes them look much more menacing than the other incarnations, and these are supposed to be the heroes!

I’d hate to see what the new villains look like up close. I thought Von Nebula from 1.0 was bad enough, but looking at new additions Waspix, Raw-Jaw, Fangz, Scorpio, and the terrifying Witch Doctor I’m convinced that this is the fiercest group of villains the Hero Factory has ever faced.

As you can see from the pictures, each successive series has got that little bit meaner looking.

This time was the first time Thomas has taken on the task of building the figures on his own. He is 6 in a weeks time, so that does seem to agree that the 6-16 age recommendation on the box is spot on. I was so surprised first of all that he took the initiative and started reading the instructions and sorting out the pieces without me, even more surprised when the first hero was put together in under 5 minutes. Sob…my little boy is growing up

Once again the heroes come in those really handy plastic canisters, which is great for keeping them all tidy and in their place. Although it gets harder to squeeze them in with every new series, as more and more elaborate pieces are added to their suits, it can be done.

Now I can’t remember if the other series did this, but I now that we certainly haven’t tried it before. At the back of the instruction manual you’ll see a picture of 2 of the figures, and then a huge figure standing next to them. This is to illustrate that you can combine the pieces from these two sets to make a new huge Hero Factory hero. I’ve added the links to the instructions from the Lego website below, and details of which heroes go together:

Me and Thomas got to work and built the Rocka/Stormer combination figure. We had to do this one together as it’s obviously more tricky than the single figures. I was impressed however that it was much easier to build than I had anticipated, and only took us around 15 minutes. It turned out very impressive indeed, and Thomas has had some great fun with it.

Thomas and Jacob both love the new 3.0 look of the Hero Factory, and some of the new villains are already firmly ensconced on the Christmas list, Witch Doctor in particular.

For current hero factory fans there’s plenty of new added parts to keep them happy, and those new to the series will find it hard to stop themselves getting sucked into the Hero Factory universe once they get started.

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