Lego Hero Factory Meltdown – Review and Giveaway

My sons are both still mad about the new Lego Hero Factory figures, and so this week as a starting school present for  Thomas we bought him one of his longed for Baddies – Meltdown.

I’ve noticed that all of the Lego Hero’s have an age range of 6+, and all of the enemies have a higher age recommendation of 7 or 8+. Even though my son is only just coming up to 5 I am still happy for him to play with Meltdown, as I think the higher age rating is only there because all of the baddies come with a ball which you can shoot.

The ball does come out very fast and goes a long way, so it could be dangerous if you aimed it directly at someone. I’ve explained this to Thomas and he knows not to shoot it at anybody, he usually just sets up all of his heroes and tries to knock them over like bowling balls with it.

Meltdown was slightly harder than the other heroes we’ve got to put together. It took me about 15 minutes, but that was with two excited boys watching over me with baited breath.

Another reason I think for the higher age rating is that the villains all have more removeable parts than the heroes. The best thing for me from a parents point of view about Preston Stormer and the gang is that there weapons are integral to their bodies, so I don’t have to spend every 2 minutes putting swords or guns back on their arms.

With Meltdown I have had to spend more time putting the green string thing back onto his arm, and fixing the pipes that come out of the radioactive buckets on his back. Oh and finding the ball of course that always ends up under the sofa, or a cupboard. Don’t get me wrong I’ve only had to put the tubes back in a few times a day which isn’t bad, but with Preston Stormer, Furno, and Dunkan Bulk I’ve only put the Gun back on once in about a month.

So for younger fans the heroes are definitely more resilient, obviously if my son was 8 or 9 he could put the wires back in himself in fact I’m sure it wont be long until he can.

Even though he looks the part Meltdown is one of the less scary villains. Von Nebula is the leader of the pack and he looks extremely intimidating with lots of spikes and a massive staff.

Obviously the scarier they are the more the kids want them, and Von Nebula is the next baddie on Thomas’ wish list. However Von Nebula has an age rating of 9, so I’m not sure whether or not to take the plunge. I’m still considering it.

So if you have a younger Hero Factory fan who has to play with the big boys and have a baddie too, I would whole heartily recommend Meltdown as the best choice. He’s scary and bad looking enough to fulfil the villain role nicely, but still pared down enough for us paranoid parents to be happy with letting junior play alone with it. A nice compromise.


As we all love the Lego Hero Factory so much, especially Meltdown! We’ve decided to spread the love around and giveaway a brand new Meltdown to one of our lucky readers.

All you need to do is email with your details, and add the subject Meltdown Comp. Closing date for entries is 20 September 2010.

Good Luck everyone!

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