Lego Hero Factory – Review

They’re amongst us – That was the tag line for the launch of Lego Hero Factory at Legoland Windsor on the weekend. And it’s certainly apt in our house as we have 3 of the Heroes already, Preston Stormer, William Furno and Dunkan Bulk!

Me and the boys headed down to the launch on Saturday and saw the impressive icy meteorite which had supposedly just crash landed. Inside was some special Hero Factory prizes, and Thomas was very happy to find a Bulk figure to come home with.

Even better when we did arrive home after a long car journey, there were two more Heroes ready and waiting for me to review, to say Thomas was thrilled would be an understatement.

Lego Hero Factory is the follow up to the hugely successful Bionicle line, which managed to span an impressive 9 year story line. I know Many of the die hard Bionicle fans are obviously sad to see it come to an end, but it marks the beginning for lots of younger Lego fans. I know Thomas knew of Bionicle but it had gone on so long that you couldn’t just start collecting, it was too far advanced and we didn’t know where to start. So it’s exciting for him to be in on the start of a new franchise, because just as others have grown up with Bionicle it will be the same for the new generation with Lego Hero Factory.

The age range of the Hero Factory toys are 6-16, but I’ve noticed that all of the heroes are rated age 6, but none of the villains are. All of the Villains are bigger and have more spikes and things, so they are all age rated either 8 or 9 years.

We’ve only got some of the Heroes at the minute, so I can’t comment on how suitable the big Villains like Von Nebula and Rotor would be for younger players. However Meltdown and Von Nebula are already on Thomas’ birthday list, so I’ll write a review of the Villains once we get them.

Each of the Heroes are very simple to make, with around only 14 pieces each. They only took me around 5 minutes to build, which is great for me as a mum who has to build them quickly for an excited 5 year old, but maybe not so great for a big Lego fan who enjoys the build more than the actual play.

Once built the figures are sturdy and almost unbreakable. Over 3 days of continuous play by with almost 5 and 3 year olds Stormer has only suffered one broken leg and arm, both of which were quickly clipped back on.

The best feature in my opinion was that each of the heroes weapons were actually one of there arms, which was brilliant as it meant I didn’t have to spend every five minutes putting Stormers gun back on, or Furno’s blades.

I also really like the boxes that the Heroes come in. They are thin plastic tubes with lids, and are great because the figures can fit back into the box afterwards even when fully built. Thomas has devised a game around this by opening the lid and dropping them out onto the floor, like they are being dropped down in a capsule from a helicopter into different missions. Obviously I like it because they can be tided away easily, and if they are kept in the right boxes you always know where to find them.

Lego Hero Factory is in it’s infancy at the moment, and apart from a bike for Furno and a Drop Ship theres only the figures available. I’m hoping that in time we might get a Makuhero City playset (that’s where the Hero’s are made) and some more vehicles and things. The Drop Ship and Bike look a bit advanced for Thomas, so I’m looking forward to possibly some simpler vehicles for the younger set.

Having said that Thomas is more than happy with his Heroes at the moment, and excited about possibly getting the baddies for his Birthday. The Lego Hero Factory has been a massive hit in our house, and if the longevity of Bionicle is anything to go by it’ll be around for a while longer yet!

If you want to go and see the Lego Hero’s available for ¬†yourself, and possibly win one to take away. Get yourself on down to the Lego Discovery Centre at the Trafford Centre Manchester on Saturday 21st August between 09:00 and 11:00, and see the Icy Meteorite from Space for yourself!

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