Lego Hero Factory TV Series – Review

Starting tomorrow Saturday 27th August at 8.30am and 6pm is a brand new and exciting series on Cartoon Network. Based upon the already massively popular range of Lego toy’s, the Lego Hero Factory TV series will see our heroes battling through a range of missions and basically trying to protect the universe from the bad guys.

Centring around the Hero Factory in Makuhero City,  most of the action centres around Preston Stormer and his group of Rookies Surge, Breez and Furno.

The scientists believe Furno seems destined to take over from Stormer as Leader of the heroes, because when he was first activated his core exceeded normal levels. However he still needs to prove himself worthy to both Stormer and possibly himself first.

Being a major Lego Hero Factory Fan Thomas and I got the massive honour of watching the first episode early, and as to be expected he just loved it.

The show itself was very fast paced, as soon as the episode started we were thrown into the action. Thomas loved seeing the heroes fighting one of his favourite villains Rotor. Seeing the heroes brought to life on the small screen was very thrilling for him, and he especially loved the laser battles.

We are really looking forward to episode 4 (24 Sep) especially , as apparently we get to see the awesomly scary looking Von Nebula having a bit of a one on one with Stormer, and he’s going to be voiced by Mark Hamill which you have to admit is very cool.

The series premiere is being shown twice this weekend (27th/28th Aug) as a treat for the Bank Holiday, but the series starts again on the 3 september with a repeat of the first episode and then the next 5 episodes showing on consecutive Saturday’s.

Unfortunately I’ve only got Freesat, so it’s no Cartoon Network for us, but the good news for all of us without Sky is that the Lego Hero Factory Series will be coming out on DVD sometime in October. So although we’ll have a bit of a wait until we see the other episodes, at least we know we’ll get there in the not to distant future.

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