Lego Marvel Super Heroes – Review and Competition

Lego and Super Heroes are the big toy hitters at the moment, so I’m thrilled to be able to run a competition which combines these two favourites just in time for Christmas.

The Lego Marvel Super Heroes range of buildable figures are the perfect combination of construction fun with some much-loved comic book cartoon heroes thrown into the mix.

I am willing to bet that my youngest is one of the biggest Lego Hero Factory fans in the world, he absolutely adores that range. So the Lego Marvel Super Heroes buildable figures were an instant hit with him, as they are pretty much the same idea construction wise, just with the end result being a Super Hero instead of a Hero Factory figure.

We were sent the three Marvel Super Hero Figures available – Ironman, Hulk and Captain America to test out.

The figures were all very easy to put together, well Thomas who’s 7 found it simple to follow the instructions and get all the figures put together in around 30 minutes.

We were all impressed by the resulting figures, they all represented their comic book versions almost perfectly. The only slight comment the boys had, was about the silver parts behind Captain America’s head to his back. We weren’t sure what they were for. Hulk especially looked amazing. Jacob fell about laughing over the 2 blue pieces which made Hulk’s ripped shorts, he found that really funny.

As with the Hero Factory figures, certain sets can be combined together to make mega combinations.

In the Marvel range the Iron Man figure will combine with both Hulk and Captain America to make 3 totally different mixed up Super Heroes.

Out of the three I think Hulk is probably the family favourite  purely because of his size and bulk. I also really love his big fists, and the green and blue just look so vibrant together. It’s just the classic comic book Hulk look everyone just can’t help but love. It’s hard not to like the Hulk isn’t it, we wouldn’t want to get him angry.

Iron Man has the cool blaster on his shoulder, and Captain America has his mighty shield, so all three of the figures have amazing qualities.

If your child is a fan of Lego or a fan of the Marvel Super Heroes  I can’t recommend these figures more. They are great value for money, have hours and hours of imaginative playtime in them, can be used in tons of different ways, plus if they break, you can just click them back together again!


Thanks to Lego I have Four Lego Super Heroes buildable Captain America figures to give away.

All you need to do to enter is let me know in the comments which Lego sets your youngsters are asking Father Christmas for the most. For mine it’s the Lego Batcave for Thomas and Speeda Demon from Jacob, but i’d be really interested to find out what everyone else’s little ones are asking for.

Competition ends Midnight Monday 26th November. Uk Entries only sorry.