Lego Mixels – Review

As were lucky members of the Lego Family Bloggers panel we recently were sent another new Lego product to review – The new Lego Mixels

A collaboration between both Lego and Cartoon Network.  Lego Mixels are both a new range of pocket-money Lego toys which will be released in 3 series throughout the year, and also a series of short cartoons over on Cartoon Network.

Mixels are strange little characters who like to mix things up at every opportunity. There are nine unique characters to collect in series one, which make up three different tribes of Mixels.

Infernites, Cragsters and Electroids are the tribes, and Flain, Seismo and Zaptor were the three Mixels we received for review.

We don’t have the luxury of Cartoon Network anymore since we had to let go of the Sky subscription, but we’ve been able to watch loads of Mixels clips on Youtube on the Lego channel. Theres a Lego Mixels playlist on there if you want to take a look.

The cartoons have the Cartoon Network sense of humour totally down to a tee, and I can see them fitting in with the channel perfectly. My boys love Cartoon Network’s wacky shows like The Amazing World of Gumball and Adventure Time, so they took to the Mixels zaniness straight away.

At £3 a pack the Lego Mixels figures are brilliant value. Plus they are like no Lego figures we have seen before. Each figure is truly unique, and have such a distinctive look. Seismo is definitely my favourite stylistically of the Mixels, so I was extra happy to get one of his figures.

Jacob hasn’t stopped fiddling and making new models since the sets arrived. He loves the new elements like eyes and teeth which you now have to use. Thomas is more like me and likes to keep the models looking as the instructions say, which is great, but if your little one loves getting creative with their Lego they will really love Lego Mixels, as everything is geared towards mixing things up.




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