Lego Star Wars

So just as my son has moved on from Scooby Doo, Ben 10, Spiderman, Pokemon, back into Ben 10, he’s now totally obsessed with Lego Star Wars!

It started out by us deciding to watch the Star Wars trilogy as our Sunday night family movie. We started with the original movies as I think the new ones are quite honestly a bit boring for younger kids, it’s all galactic senate and tax embargoes.We did watch the new ones afterwards but Thomas didn’t like them as much as the originals.

After we watched “A new hope” my hubby mentioned that we had the game Lego Star Wars in the cupboard, well Thomas jumped on it like a shot! He absolutely loves this video game. So now all the talk in the house is about Star Wars. Watching the films, playing the game, playing with the toys, wearing the t-shirts, everything is Star Wars, even down to only eating Star Wars spaghetti with his dinner.

I’ve come to the realisation that all of Thomas’ fad’s come out due to video games. Scooby Doo, Ben 10, Pokemon and Star Wars all started after playing the related games. The only exception to this is his Spider man love, and that was started by another kid in nursery he admired being into him, well there’s always an exception to the rule.

To Thomas the toys and figures he collects and plays with are only to prolong his video game experience, because when his time on the ps3 or Xbox is up he just goes and gets the toys and plays exactly the same game he was just playing on the TV.

This works well for both of us at the minute because I can sort of limit his time on the X-box and TV and instead of throwing a hissy fit he’s OK as he just gets the toys and Carry’s on where he left off. The only problem with that is he needs more toys to keep extending the game.

At the moment we only have some old Star Wars bendy figures which a friend gave to us ages ago as their son had grown out of Star Wars, so obviously Thomas is nagging to get the proper Lego Star Wars sets.

I don’t really mind buying him Lego though as it’s always something I’ve loved, I think Lego is a great toy. We currently have a big box of Lego Duplo and a large green base plate which both of my boys love using. We haven’t got any proper sized Lego yet but I’m sure we’ll remedy that soon, Thomas is 4 1/2 now so ready for real Lego I think.

Sticking to my promise I made at the beginning of the year however I will not be buying Thomas his coveted Boxes willy nilly, he has to earn them. We’re trying to get to grips with night time potty training at the minute, so that’s the rewards for going 20 days with a dry nappy. But if he can’t keep it in all night, he’ll just have to wait until October for his birthday until he gets his intergalactic Lego friends.

And so begun the nappy wars have!

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