Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Day 2 – Review

This morning the house was a hub of excitement, as today is Thomas 6th Birthday!

Still however before all of the cards and presents were opened, he wanted to open day 2 of his Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Behind the window today was Viceroy of the Trade Federation Nute Gunray.

Getting the figure today was fortuitous for us, as being Thomas’ birthday things are a bit hectic and we have lots to do. So we were lucky that Nute Gunray¬†only needed his head and hat to be put on. Saying that though the spaceship yesterday only took 5 minutes, but in-between the excitement of presents and cards those smaller pieces could have got lost.

Were all really excited to see what awaits us behind door number 3 tomorrow. Plus Thomas is especially eager to get back to school, as he gets to tell all of his classmates he’s opening his advent calendar early!

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