Lego Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship – Review

As I’ve mentioned before Thomas is world famous for his phases of being fanatical about something and then forgetting about it for a while, before starting up all over again.

At the moment he is into Lego Star wars again, in a big way! Probably thanks to the new Clone Wars game that came out at the start of the month. All he’s done recently is swap between playing Lego Star Wars on the PS3, and when I’ve told him that’s enough computer time then switching to playing with the real Lego Star Wars figures and sets he has.

Considering how his life seems to revolve around Lego Star Wars 24/7 at the moment (yes he’s told me he dreams about it) this new set really couldn’t have come at a better time for us.

Initially Thomas was a bit miffed that this set didn’t come with his favourite character Boba Fett, being called the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship I think the thought that it would definitely include him. He did however quickly get over this disappointment, and has found a new bounty hunter hero in the form of Embo, one of the 4 mini-figures included. The other 3 figures are Sugi, Aurra Sing and IG-86 assassin droid. ¬†As far as Thomas is concerned Embo is the coolest figure he has in his whole collection, but I think the Aurra Sing mini-figure is the best from this set, I love her hair.

The build for this set was relatively easy, well for me anyway (I think i’m getting quite good at this Lego lark). The set is 389 pieces, and took me about 1hr 30 minutes to complete. I was really impressed by how easy the instructions were to follow, as the way the engines move is quite intricate so I thought it would be a much harder build.

Once built the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship looks very very cool indeed, the colour scheme looks stunning, the glossy green and vibrant yellow complement each other wonderfully and come as a nice change from the normal grey. The rotating engines are outstretched in flying mode, and then drop down for landing.

As this is a bounty hunter’s ship there must be some bounty on it right! We’ll yes there is a special secret compartment which when in flying mode is cleverly concealed as a part slides over the top as the engines monouvre, but becomes visible when the engines move back into landing mode. The secret chest contains a precious Jedi Holocron, which obviously the Jedi will be keen to get back. Apparently the writing ontop of the compartment says “lock” so now we know.

Thomas had a bit of a panic with the Holocron as he put in back into the box sideways and got it stuck. Fortunately the lovely people at Lego had thought this might happen and have kindly placed a hole at the bottom of the box, I was able to push a thin Lego piece up and lucikly dislodge the Holocron which Thomas was very happy about.

Another nice feature is the compartment underneath the drivers cockpit, which is a neat little jail cell. It’s small, dark and so cramped you have to put your captive in sideways but what do you expect? If you look round the back of the cockpit you can see your prisoner looking through the metal grills. Thomas has definitely been putting this feature to good use, he just loves being the baddie!

My only small issue I had with the set was when the engines are rotated into flying mode, and the secret compartment is covered, the weight of the engines cause them to slowly rotate back round into landing mode on their own. The only way to solve this is to either fit another bit of lego underneath the sliding part to stop it the engines from rotating altogether, or you can just hold the slidey bit in whilst you pretend it’s flying and it wont slide back then. I’ve taught Thomas to hold it in place whilst playing with it and now he’s got the hang of it we haven’t found it a problem.

Thomas has only had the gunship a few days and it’s already his favourite Lego Star Wars set, even more loved than his General Grievous StarFighter which I didn’t think would be possible. He loved the minifigs especially Embo, and thinks that the Ship is very very cool. We would give the Lego Star Wars Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship a big Toybuzz 5 out of 5!

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