Lego Star Wars Death Star

A few months ago I joined Thomas up to the Lego Club, it’s worth while doing if your kids are into Lego as they run lots of competitions, you get a cool magazine every so often, oh and best of all it’s free.

Anyway as part of signing up to the Lego club we are now obviously on the mailing list as last week we received our first ever Lego Catalogue through the post.

Thomas and Jacob both spent a good 30 minutes looking at every page and deciding what sets they wanted Santa to bring them (all of them I think), and then Thomas got to the very last page as was left totally awestruck by the Lego Star Wars Death Star.

Of course I shot down the idea of Santa leaving this under the tree straight away, this set is definitely one for the older Lego enthusiast. Although I know how much he would love to have his very own Lego Death Star, at £275.00 it’s just not gonna happen.

Saying that you do get an amazing amount of Lego for your money. 24 Minifigures including all of the main players Han, Chewy, Leia, Luke, C3P0 and R2D2, plus you even get the Dianoga Trash Compactor Monster!

The Death Star has three levels and features all of the most important places from the movie so you can recreate all of your favourite scenes.

Deactivate the Tractor Beam, Escape from the Trash Compactor, Battle Darth Vader in the Emperors Throne Room, you can relieve all of these great scenes in Lego with your Death Star and Minifigs.

The detail that has gone into this set really is incredible. All of the doors open, the guns fire, even the walls of the Trash Compactor really do close in and crush you!

I dread to think about how long it would take me to put a set of this size together, my biggest Lego project to date was the General Grievous StarFighter at 454 pieces and that took me about 3 hours, the Death Star is 3803!

A truly amazing Lego set for the most hardcore of Lego Star Wars fans! Just a bit too fancy for my 5 year old at the moment, no matter how much he tries to win me over.

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