Lego The Lone Ranger Set: Cavalry Builder Set 79106 – Review

August 9th sees the wait finally end for all of us to get to see the new Disney The Lone Ranger movie.

The boys and I are really looking forward to it, as they love Johnny Depp and Pirates of the Caribbean, so were hoping for more of the same but with cowboys replacing pirates.

If only to whet our appetites even more, our latest Lego Family Bloggers set to review was one of the new Lego Lone Ranger Sets – Cavalry Builder Set 79106

There are 6 different sets in the Lego The Lone Ranger collection:

  • Cavalry Builder Set (79106) RRP £11.99
  • Comache Camp (79107) RRP £19.99
  • Stagecoach Escape (79108) RRP £29.99
  • Colby City Showdown (79109) RRP £39.99
  • Silver Mine  shootout (79110) £69.99
  • Constitution Train Chase (79111) RRP £79.99


The Cavalry Builder set is the most affordable of the lot, but you honestly wouldn’t know it by looking at all the things you get inside.

For £11.99 you get 3 cavalry soldiers, a mini fold up defensive wall, a campfire with pretend flames complete with a chicken cooking in a frying pan, an impressive fireable cannon, and that’s not forgetting our hero the Lone Ranger on top of his horse Silver!

An amazing amount of figures and accessories in such a small pack.

Thomas and Jacob having been busying playing with the set for around a week now, and are still finding new stories for the Lone Ranger to play through.

The only thing the set is missing is a Tonto, but I realise that not every figure is going to be included. Plus it gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in another set.

A few years ago Thomas had the Lego Toy Story Woody’s Round Up set for Christmas, and he still absolutely loves that. So in terms of the Lone Ranger sets I think the next addition to our collection will be the Colby City Showdown set.

The Sherrifs office in Colby City showdown looks somewhat similar to the Toy Story one we already have, but we’ve always wanted a bank, so I think it will fit into our Lego collection nicely.










All the family have taken a real shine to The Lone Ranger Lego sets, the Cavalry Builder Set especially so. Amazing value for money for the amount of enjoyment you will get out of all that Lego!



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