Lego Toy Story 7592 Construct-a-Buzz review

Looking at our fully constructed Buzz Lightyear you’d be hard pressed at first glance to realise it was made out of Lego.

Everything on Buzz moves, his wings can be moved in and out, his helmet visor goes up and down, his arms, legs and feet are all adjustable, and his torso can spin round a whole 360 degrees.

Standing at around 19cm tall, and 19cm wide with his wings stretched out fully,  this Buzz is a substantial size and as such is more stable than the smaller Lego sets. After a few hours of play by my two small boys only the wings have fallen off a few times, everything else has stayed solid.

I’ve never seen joints like Buzz has used in other Lego sets before, and I think they work really well here. I am however slightly disappointed that they didn’t use them for the wing pieces too, as these are the only flimsy pieces.

Despite being another big box of bricks, 211 to be exact. The construct-a-Buzz took me around 45 minutes to build, and that was with both Thomas and Jacob waiting in the wings eager to get their hands on him.

Buzz has his familiar laser cannon on his arm, and is able to shoot a laser dart out of the side of it. On the front panel of his suit you are provided with decals for his various buttons.

Buzz comes with one minifig pal a little green 3 eyed alien, like the one that they found in Pizza Planet in the first movie. I was surprised that the green alien doesn’t have bendable lego legs, they are just hard plastic. I thought all minifigs had bendable legs, so this is a little odd but not that much of a big deal.

I’m expecting my kids to have a lot of happy play times with Construct-a-Buzz as he’s already a firm favourite in our house. I think I might also go and pick up the Construct-a-Zurg, and then we’ll have a real galactic battle on our hands!

Even though the box states ages 7-14 which I think is correct for the construction part, as long as your children are supervised whilst playing I think a younger child would get a lot of enjoyment out of this Lego Buzz too.

Roll on Monday when we can all go and see the new movie in the cinema, after all these toys my kids are certainly ready for it!

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